Just Chill

YESTERYEAR WHEN I WAS finding life tough, my husband kindly wrote me a list of quick stress busters. They were all simple things but his list was a useful reference and each one helped me to feel better. 

Sometimes you just need to perform a simple action to change your mood and perspective on things. You can't always change the situation you find yourself in but you can change how you react to it. And sometimes it helps just knowing that someone cares. Here's the list:

Quick stress busters

1. Take some deep breaths.
2. Take some gentle exercise.
3. Have a bath.
4. Count back from 20.
5. Relax your muscles.
6. Check your posture.
7. Cut your to-do list.
8. Make yourself a nice drink.
9. Take a break or walk away.
10. Plan something rewarding for the end of your day.
11. Chat to a friend.
12. Laugh.
13. Play some favourite music.
14. Think positively.
15. Hug someone or something.
16. Imagine a relaxing place.

My favourite is the last one. In my head I like to return to Ibiza and chill out. Just a wannabe hippy at heart!

Which relaxing place do you like to visit in your head? Do you have any favourite ways to rewind?



  1. I am going to print that off and pin it to my computer at work! Thank you.

    1. You're welcome. I need to remind myself how to relax regularly!

  2. a great list. Very useful. I think for me stretching or swimming help me to relax and of course I'm not doing that enough at the moment! but I'm trying to build these small things in, might blog about it soon, Heather x

    1. Yeah, stretching/yoga like exercise is something I'd like to get back into x

  3. Great advice! I regularly use no. 1, 3, 5, 9, 12, 13 and 16. Singing also helps me relax.
    I have an imaginary place where I sometimes like to retreat. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it :$ I imagine I'm in a place very much like Heaven's gardens, just resting, and I know everything is OK for everyone, and God is just a few steps way guarding us all.


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