Time for Tea


Today I've had a rare whole day with my hubby all to myself. We attempted to do a little Christmas shopping but failed miserably, only buying one gift for a relative in France. We spent a lot of our time discussing why we dislike shopping and in particular the Christmas retail experience. 

We abandoned the shopping at lunchtime and decided to head to our 
favourite café for sustenance and tea. Situated in a pretty village with delicious food served on beautiful vintage china it was the perfect antidote to the large retail outlet we visited earlier in the day. 

Giving presents is lovely and some gift buying is inevitable at Christmas but I think people place far too much emphasis on consumption and get far too carried away with their spending at this time of year. After today's experience I am determined to limit my shopping trips and exposure to advertising as much as possible.

How about you? What are you views on the commercialism of Christmas?

I'd love to hear your views.

Hope you get time for some tea and chat this weekend.

Happy Friday xo



  1. I only buy for my boy at Christmas now. The husband and I don't exchange gifts and haven't for years - we tend to just put some money to one side for special food treats instead. And I send my parents a homemade Christmas cake and jam. My in-laws however go mad with it all and I can't stand it. I don't need any more magnolia bath salts! x

  2. well I will make a couple of handmade gifts for a couple of cousins that I have. My son will get the obligatory expensive gadget, and be happy. The difficulty lies in his family, who are across the country. They will probably send him mainly cash. I always feel I need to reciprecate in some way by buying and sending gifts. It's all got a bit ridculous. I need to re-think it this year. Really I can only afford to get my son his gadget, which I'm happy to do! It's tricky isn't it! Heather x


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