Keeping Sunday Simple: Home Cooking

Hello. I hope you've had a good weekend. What have you been up to?

We have completed a couple of jobs on our to-do list, eaten well and had a night out. We have also managed to hang a couple of pictures on the walls – yay! It's starting to feel more like home after being here nearly six months.

On Friday night my youngest made pizza from scratch – he won't eat shop bought pizza but will eat his own! Funny - eh? We used half the dough on Friday night and the rest will be used tonight. An unopened packet of serrano ham was left over from last week's tapas meal so that has been added as a topping...yum. We used Rachel Allen's recipe from Home Cooking – how I love her happy, practical and family-orientated approach to cooking :) 

This morning my pizza-making-son asked, "Can I do more cooking?" I think I'm getting somewhere...

♥ Thank you for reading, commenting on and following Just a little less this week. And special thanks to 365 Less Things and Move to Portugal for linking two of my posts this week. I am chuffed. They are both fantastic blogs that have inspired me 

Have a good week xo



  1. You're welcome for the link - I loved your post!

    Happy Sunday :)

  2. Keep up the encouragement, pizza-making son done good.

  3. The pizza looks amazing ... a budding chef in the making ... Bee xx

  4. We LOVE making homemade pizza! It cooks up wonderfully in a cast iron skillet. I have a friend who keeps bread dough frozen, so she can quickly thaw it and make pizza for unexpected guests.

  5. Your pizza looks yummy. Funnily enough when my kids make pizza at home, they wont eat it!


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