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FLASHBACK TO 2010 and my monthly food shopping fluctuated wildly. I owned one fridge-freezer, a separate freezer and separate fridge and a walk in pantry. I cooked little from scratch and I regularly couldn't think what to dish up each evening. 

Over the last two years I have gradually calmed my reckless habits. I shop once or twice a week and spend a consistent amount of money. I have a monthly food budget and I stick to it. Menu planning and keeping a spending diary keep me on track. I now own one fridge-freezer and quite often there is space in my kitchen cupboards. I cook from scratch and spend less time panicking about what to cook each day. Shopping list and recycled bags in hand I approach the supermarket ready to battle.

I used to insist on only frequenting nice shops; ambling up and down the aisles imagining I was Nigella having a busy day. Now I shop in four-letter word supermarkets and online to avoid distractions. I'm not loyal to any one store or any particular brand. If there's a decent coupon or offer at hand I'll venture anywhere.

Talking of coupons/vouchers. I went online yesterday to check out my unused Tesco clubcard vouchers, in readiness to exchange them for restaurant reward vouchers, and made a new discovery. After logging in and going to 'My account' and then 'My vouchers' on the sidebar I spotted 'My statement coupons' directly underneath. One click and I had unearthed fifteen unused coupons sent to me in the last six months, including four vouchers to save £22 over the next three months if spending over £50 at a time (in store or on line). I swiftly completed an online order to said supermarket. 

Not bad – eh? Meal vouchers on their way for CafĂ© Rouge and money off my shopping for the next few months. 

What are your shopping habits/tips? It would be lovely to hear from you.

Happy Friday xo

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  1. Got my vouchers in the post today. I am going online to check mine! What a find! Xx

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