Simply Tapas

TAPAS - TRADITIONAL SPANISH NIBBLES that are colourful, varied and full of Mediterranean flavour. What better way to inject a bit of sunshine into life as we approach the darkest and coldest time of the year?

Tapas can be served as pre-dinner bites or in bigger quantities can make up an informal main meal. You can eat it with your fingers, cocktail sticks or a knife and fork, if you wish.

Tapas doesn't have to be expensive as many of the dishes are vegetable based. It is more time consuming than a one pot meal but you can make the preparation easier and more sociable by getting different members of the family involved in selecting and cooking a dish. Hubby takes charge when we have a tapas night and our boys get involved too - so I have no complaints.

Friday nights are a time to stop the clock: a time to discuss or forget about the week gone by; a time to slow down and savour the pleasures of good food and conversation with your favourite people. It's my favourite night of the week.

It should be a fun start to the weekend. 

What do you like to eat at the weekends? Do you have any Friday night rituals? Please share.

Happy Friday xo


  1. Oh I love tapas, especially a proper tortilla with the potatoes and onions - yum! Enjoy your weekend. x

  2. I'd be very happy to come to your tapas night indeed! what a nice idea, enjoy! Heather x


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