My Little Desk

I have been finding it hard to focus on one thing at a time recently. Although I work part time my job requires quite a few hours work at home and since moving to our new house my working routine has been a little disrupted. Most of the time I work in the kitchen but I'm not very productive there. Domestic tasks sit in wait and there is constant through traffic for meals, tea breaks and get-togethers.

Hubby works from home now so he has a designated desk in our living room. It's a lovely sunny spot with three windows looking out on to the fields and a variety of dogs and their owners passing by. I steal opportunities to work there when I can - early in the mornings or at the weekend - but I don't feel like it's my territory.

Luckily we have a small alcove in our bedroom which would be a perfect spot for a desk. I'm sure this will help me focus and be a workspace just for me - the working me - not the domestic me, the Mum me or the wife me. So I'm currently searching for a desk and chair, reasonably priced or second hand; a clear, calm space with just a little detail like a beautiful lamp or an interesting picture hung above.

These photos are my current inspiration. I can't wait to show my new working space once it's finished.

Funny that I can blog anywhere - but for other work I get very distracted.

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  1. We had a built-in wall-desk in our bedroom in our first house. I really miss it--it was such an efficient use of space!

  2. So many beautiful little working nooks. I love the one with the 'do more of what makes you happy' poster. Good luck putting together your own beautiful work space.

  3. I dream of a little room of my own...or a corner with a desk would do too! Somewhere to stash my stuff instead of having it spread all over the house. I can't wait to see your work space when it is complete. x


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