Minimalist Monday: Everyday Minimalism

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I believe minimalism is a mindset, a mindset that can take you on a journey to realise a more meaningful life. A life driven by the desire to develop your best personal qualities and purposeful relationships with others rather than a life driven by consumerism and achieving status. Minimalism can be as extreme as living out of a backpack or as moderate as clearing out the clutter from one room. You may have a goal to travel the world without commitments or just a desire to simplify your life. 

Whether you live a nomadic lifestyle or a more conventional life you can practise minimalism in your everyday routine. Here's how.

Baby steps

 Avoid the shops. Have a no spend day.
Don't see decluttering as a one-off quick fix. If you are serious about 
   simplifying your life you will need to declutter regularly.
Practise mindfulness. This is the art of being more present in the moment  
   and it can help you to enjoy simple pleasures and be more aware of your 
Switch off the TV. Chat with your partner or play with your children. If you
   live alone enjoy the solitude or find less invasive entertainment such as 
Leave the car at home for a day.   
Choose time over productivity. Stop and chat to a neighbour or colleague 
   rather than rushing onto the next thing. Make eye contact and small chat 
   when you are served in a shop. Be friendly and smile more often. Most  
   people will respond positively. 
Commit to saving regularly or paying off your debts. Next time you are 
   about to buy something or start dreaming of your next purchase consider
   saving that money instead.
Make do and mend. Missing an ingredient? Improvise with what you've got.
   Repair household items or clothes instead of replacing with new.
Hire or borrow instead of buying. Need a power tool or specialist item? 
   Can you borrow or hire that item instead?
Be satisfied with the home you have. Instead of making plans for new   
   furniture, re-decorating a room or an extension have a good tidy up or   
   clean and enjoy the space you have now.
Don't put your dreams on hold indefinitely. If you want to try a new 
   hobby or experience start making plans today. Read that book you are
   interested in today rather than waiting for your next holiday. Start 
   researching a new career this week if you are unhappy in your job.
Delay your purchases.Tempted to buy something new? Can you wait 
   a week or a month? You might have changed your mind by then. Do you 
   want this item just because everyone else has it?

Why not try one or some of these ideas? You should feel one step nearer to reaching your minimalist dream, whatever that means to you. 

Have a good week. 



  1. When I'm finding the day hard work, I try to practice Mindfulness. I believe it can really shift a fog from my mind. It doesn't make worries instantly disappear, but it can help put things in perspective. This is a really good list! Xx

    1. I agree mindfulness can be really useful to shift one's mood. I'd like to write more about this sometime xo

  2. Love these idea. I'm going to really try it... I have been trying to minimize the amount of "staff" in my life...now I just need to pay more attention to what I already have. Thanks for the eye opener... Love your blog:)

    1. Hi there, nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting and following. I'm popping over to your blog now xo

  3. Your baby steps sound just right to me, and pretty much define for me a simple life! It's great to see these so clearly written down in this world of clutter and stuff! Good to have discovered you. x

  4. Hi Jen and welcome! I like what you have to say about living a simple life too. I've added you to my sidebar xo

  5. I loved your suggestions of tiny steps :) It's with tiny steps that I've been able to make some meaningful changes in my life.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


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