Water-coloured Leaves

Sunlight shimmers through water-coloured leaves
Magical carpets sink into mud
Blackened branches silhouette still skies
Autumn's jewels fade as winter waits by


The landscape is changing from autumn to winter as we enter the last week of November. I have loved autumn's splendour this year and feel sad to see it fade. However, winter can be beautiful too. 

Heres hoping this week's rain passes and the still, cold beauty of winter begins to work its magic.

I took these photos yesterday - a beautiful sunny day here. However, after yesterday's clear skies I have opened my blinds today to find swathes of mist. Rain is forecast later. The weather is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Have a good weekend xo


  1. Hi there. Thank you for commenting and congratulations on your health and fitness blog - it looks very good. We've been blogging for about the same length of time :)

  2. The rain here has been intense! Hope it doesn't get too bad with you x


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