52 Weeks of Happy (29/52)

Some sunny highlights from this week. Temperatures have risen above 10 degrees and there's a feeling of va va voom in the air. Joining in with Jen from little birdie.

♥ Daisies just outside our house. I feel just like these daisies look - desperately straining for the warmth of the sun after a long, long winter.
♥ The hedges have been getting greener by the day.
♥ Celebrating my Mum's birthday. Treating my Mum always makes me happy.
♥ A change of footwear. Not quite sandals weather but my favourite cons make me happy and put a spring in my step. I try to not wear boots between April and October, much as I love them, because I like to acknowledge the change of the seasons. It feels strange not wearing all those layers and woollies, though.

Thanks for reading, commenting and following this week, I love hearing from you.

Be happy xo



  1. I love the converse trainers!

  2. Your sneakers are pretty. Are Converse sneakers very popular in the UK right now? I'm seeing so many show up on blogs. I've always been a fan of them.

  3. Daisies remind me of being a little girl and making chains.

    Happy days!

    Leanne xx

  4. I don't do the Converse thing (doesn't suit me, though I like the look on others so leave that to my daughter!) but I did wear ballerinas a couple of times this week - at first it felt like my feet were utterly naked but now it's already great, again... this morning another bright sunny day and 20°C forecast - even if it's back to 6-10° over the weekend...

  5. Lovely pictures. I love the Daisies... I have enjoyed looking at your holidays picture. I don't know Cornwall at all and I hope to discover this area one day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm enjoying these posts. Thank you.

  7. Those roses look beautiful but I think daisies in grass are just as nice, don't you? :) x

  8. The flowers are gogeous and I love the pattern on your shoes. :)

  9. I love daisies, and the sticky handful my two picked for me on their way home from school made me very happy. Love your cons. I've been wearing mine a lot this week. I agree, it's nice to put the books away and mark the change in seasons. x

    1. Boots not books! Books are for all seasons!


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