Simple Pleasures

I've just updated my simple pleasures list on my sidebar and thought I'd show you this inspiration from here on pinterest. It's a gorgeous spring morning here today with beautiful birdsong. I love the promise of a new day and the chance to enjoy some simple pleasures. Here are some of my current simple pleasures and a few more photos from our stay at Peace and Plenty, Boscrowan.

a cosy bathrobe

pale yellow primroses

blue skies

white bedlinen blowing dry outside

the smell and taste of homemade bread

homemade gravy

I hope you have a chance to enjoy some simple pleasures this weekend.


  1. Just getting my vitamin d now.....free and fantastic! :) x

  2. simple pleasures...a day on the beach with the boys. Ice creams from Moo Maid. That 'been in the sunshine' feeling - chilled, tired and happy!

    Leanne xx

  3. Love all those simple pleasures - just add a cup of coffee, a few books and some music for me.

  4. oh if only I could make home-made gravy! haven't mastered it yet! Heather x


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