Saturday Leftovers

Feeding three men - well one is fourteen but he probably eats more than anyone else in the house - can be a challenge. I can remember when I first moved in with hubs his disappointment at my oh so meagre quiche and salad offerings. Now, twenty plus years on I know how to please my men in the kitchen. The answer is simple carb fuelled meals. But providing meals that are filling, tasty and varied is a skill I don't think I'll ever master completely.

Today I had a respite as hubs was out all day on a strategic planning day for our local arts organisation and our fourteen year old was off out with his friends. That left me and my eighteen year old (weary after a sixth form review night and party afterwards) home alone. I cut myself some slack and we had leftovers for lunch - chicken, chorizo and potatoes - made last night deliberately with the intent of saving some as leftovers. My kind of cooking, a one pot meal piled high with plenty to spare. I know I originally followed Nigella's recipe for Spanish Chicken to the tee but it has since evolved into one of those dishes that you just throw together without consulting a recipe. I've learnt to keep the chorizo slices at the bottom of the dish as they burn easily and I like to add lots of lemon rather than orange zest. I parboil my potatoes and make sure that they lie on top so that they are super crispy. A few chilli flakes also give it a clandestine kick. It was even lovelier the day after and lunch à deux was a pleasure.

Hubs was treated to a Morrocan feast on his away day and has returned home tonight full of enthusiasm to create something similar next weekend. I will make sure he keeps his word and of course I'll keep you posted...



  1. It's great to use up leftovers isn't it! Enjoy your time off.

    Sft x

  2. Looks delicious. And it is indeed wonderful when other halves cook. I don't even mind what mine makes (within reason), it is just bliss not to have to do it myself. I do like cooking, but it can be a bit relentless sometimes to have to come up with something vaguely nutritious that (most) of the people will eat every mealtime!

  3. It looks yummy! My hubby doesn't cook, but is happy to have simple meals whenever I feel like a night off...which is quite often ;)

  4. This looks really tasty. Would love to give it a go except the teenager has taken a dislike to chorizo.

    1. I have the same problem with my youngest. I do one tray with chorizo and one without - even more leftovers :)


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