April Scavenger Hunt

I must admit being on holiday for part of this month gave me lots of interesting subject matter but I still thought I wouldn't get a photo for each item on the list. But hey, I did it again second month running. Thanks to Greenthumb at Made with love for the challenge! The list was...

1. Pink
This beautiful flower seen at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall

2. 6
Six o'clock this evening and I was still completing the challenge

3. Your city/town
Princess Anne came to our local park last week

4. Sport
My son and his rugby club on tour in France two years ago

5. Night light
The Exchange Art Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall - beautiful waves of light illuminate the street

6. Something you collect
Simple things and tiny things for my letterpress tray

7. Big
Red hot pokers against a palm tree in Cornwall

8. Dinner
Roast lamb and trimmings on Easter Sunday

9. Texture
Sand and sea 

10. Curl
A tiny rip curl at Porthcurno beach, Cornwall

11. Take off
A seagull of course

12. Plastic
Our recycling bin. Our other bin, the black one for general rubbish, disappeared last week. We sent notes to our neighbours but it is still missing. Gah!



  1. Lovely photos! You caught that seagull at just the right moment!

  2. Great little project! I think I need a letterpress tray now...

  3. Υour beach photos are simply amazing!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenge hunt, i really like your photos of pink, texture and nightlight. Greenthumb.

  5. Super scavenger hunt photos !

  6. Great photos, I love the texture one!

  7. Lovely photos - the pink flower is beautiful!

  8. Fabulous photos, love the night light and the beach ones. x

  9. Lovely photos - I hope your bin turns up! :)

  10. Lovely photos from a lovely part of the world. I particularly like your curl, texture and night light. Our blue bin is for card and paper - we have a brown one for other recycling. x

  11. Great shot for take off and I love curl, I love to see the sea as I'm totally landlocked!

  12. Love all your beach shots, great light.

  13. The pictures of Cornwall are great and get me in the mood for my holiday there next month.

  14. I love your letterpress tray and your photo for Take off, you seem to have caught just in time.

  15. love your texture and nightlight. I wouldn't mind being by that rip curl either x

  16. Your photo collection was spectacular, Claire! I checked out your other blog posts and I saw your talent for photography. So, I assume completing a certain photo scavenger hunt list is just a piece of cake to you. You enjoy each day because it's just like another camera day for you. Although, it's more exciting since you need to search for particular subjects.

    Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me


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