52 Weeks of Happy (31/52)

It's been a busy week. Today things have slowed down a bit so I've had the chance to reflect instead of rush. Joining in with Jen from little birdie to bring you my simple happy moments.

♥ I can't stop admiring magnolia trees blooming everywhere and looking so beautiful. I took this photo on my friend's drive. 
♥ Today I had the rare treat of visiting our local monthly farmer's market. It was a pleasure to peruse the stalls and see local produce and homemade food. In the end I bought some free range eggs and we had omelette for tea - simple and delicious.
♥ We've had a new wheelie bin delivered after ours disappeared last week - not very pretty but a pain when you don't have one. Did it get eaten by the collection van? We don't know...
♥ Yay! I've had a one week extension on this month's book club book. It's a long book so... better get started.

Hello to all my new readers and followers. 

Be happy xo


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  1. There are two beautiful magnolia trees on the way to school and I admire them every time I pass them.

    I totally get the wheelie bin thing - I remember how ecstatic I was when the council let us have a second green recycling bin!! Small things... :-) x


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