Weekend Plans

Yay! It's the weekend, and a Bank Holiday to boot here in the UK. I love this 
time of year and the longer lighter days fill me with energy and inspiration. In the past I have been guilty of over scheduling my free time and feeling depleted at the end of a holiday or an extra long weekend. There is so much to do and I find I can easily get caught up in the frenzy of spring cleaning, diy, decluttering and garden makeovers at the expense of savouring the extra time and the opportunities this brings. So with this in mind here's my Bank Holiday to do list. A few chores but lots of fun too, I hope...

savouring hubs' Moroccan meal
a thorough clean of the house
weeding our small garden, mowing the lawn and cleaning the decking
a visit to a nearby pub, possibly with our eighteen year old 
attending a local Green Fair
reading a good chunk of my book for book club
listening to good music
spending some time with friends at a cocktail tasting evening

So what are your weekend plans? Do you take time to schedule in fun as well as chores? 



  1. love the haircut Claire!

  2. Lovely hair do Mrs! Cocktail tasting seems like rather a good idea too :) x

  3. You look beautiful! Enjoy your long weekend. I also schedule in rest times which I consider to be as important as any other commitment so if anyone asks if I'm free at a rest time, I say that I'm not. They're not negotiable because it throws out the rest of my week if I don't rest.

  4. Beautiful haircut - and lovely hair!
    As someone who regularly overschedules and is trying to stop doing that I will attempt to follow the good example set by yourself and Lucent Imagery.

  5. I really love the haircut, Claire! Enjoy your long weekend ;)

  6. Love your hair! I hope you are not over-zealous about the cleaning and yard work; more reading and music and pubs is better!

  7. Have a great weekend....your hair looks amazing! :)

  8. Great haircut - mine's for the chop today too.

  9. Love the haircut, suits you so much. Gorgeous colour too :-)

    Have a good weekend, you're so right we do try to schedule too much into the time available, I am seeking to rectify this and purposefully sit down more now, for coffees, for lunch, for a breather in between jobs that I do, it's working but somehow makes me feel guilty, I must grow out of this!

  10. Your hair cut looks great, have a good weekend.

  11. We've been shoe shopping today, but the rest of the weekend will be catching up with sisters and removing all the paint pots from our bedroom!!! :) x

  12. Great hair Claire. This weekend for me.... Soft play, mother in laws and a BBQ. Not the restful weekend I might have once loved, but hey, it'll be good x

  13. I'm trying really hard this year to balance the push of the spring energy. Usually it sends me into a spin, which can be exhausting! I keep remembering to put my feet now and again! I love your layered cut, very brave. Heather x

  14. lovely haircut claire,where did you get it done?

    1. A local salon, very small not a big chain - one of two in the local area :)

  15. Your hair looks lovely!

    I've nominated you for The Liebster Award :) Hope over on to my blog if you would like to take part in the tag! x

    Emma - beautyndthecupcake.blogspot.co.uk


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