52 Weeks of Happy (34/52)

Gosh 34 weeks. There's been some recent discussion about the challenge of this regular spot. I must admit I've had weeks when it's been hard either because of life being less than rosy or simply too busy. But I've stuck with it because of the reason I was first attracted to it - life is happier when you count your blessings and you accept your lot. The hardest part is having the photos to match those moments because sometimes it's just one conversation, one song, one moment, one yummy morsel, one kind act or simply one feeling that can shift your mood. So thanks Jen for this inspiring series and I for one can't let it go.

These are the moments, conversations and feelings that have made me happy this week. Let me share.

♥ Our friend's birthday party. Life is for celebrating whatever your age!
♥ "When can I have my hair cut?" An unexpected request from my fourteen year old. Is this the same child who had to be dragged to the barbers?
♥ May. Yes it's been cold, grey and wet but the longer evenings and occasional blue skies are wonderful.
♥ The expectation of half-term. A chance to break free of routine and dance to a different tune. I plan to read this book before I see it at the cinema.

Be happy xo



  1. Yes, it's wonderful to count your blessings and such a special way to celebrate it !

  2. I love Gatsby! I first read it 20 years ago and didn't appreciate - re reading it a couple of years ago made me realise what an amazing book it is. Enjoy!
    I'm hoping the film isn't a let down :)

  3. Lovely moments. Have a good weekend.

  4. It's a great philosophy to have on life, not always easy granted, but beats being miserable don't you think! :) x

  5. I agree, it's worth sticking with the series because there is so much pleasure in recording and sharing the happy moments. Enjoy the half term break. x

  6. I like this series! Before I knew about it, I started doing one "by the month." My concern was that I was saving up too much of my fun (and fun budget) for December, and I wanted to spread it out over the year!


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