52 Weeks of Happy (32/52)

Joining in with Jen from little birdie here are my four latest happy things. 

♥ Mixing and tasting cocktails. We have somehow volunteered ourselves for making cocktails at a Gatsby themed evening in June. On Monday we joined some other volunteers to perfect our measuring, muddling, shaking, stirring, pouring and drinking techniques. It should be fun!
♥ We've had some beautiful blue skies over the last week and on Saturday this mackerel sky was stunning.
♥ Our garden took hardly any time to whip into shape. The deck will be repainted soon and we are still making plans for replacing our tiny lawn. I love gardening but I also love spending time sitting in a garden and our new tiny low maintenance garden allows us to do this.
♥ Eating al fresco. I hope we get chance to do this more often this summer. Everything tastes better outside. 

Be happy this week xo


  1. It looks like it was a great week !

  2. I always think food tastes great outside unfortunately I live with a family who have fears over flies and wasps so our picnics are always stressful!!! :) x

  3. I love eating outside, something about the fresh air & yummy food, very good for the soul! x

  4. What a lovely week - the corn looks yummy!

  5. Your al fresco meal looks good. I love eating outside but for some reason breakfast in the garden always feels extra special and decadent.

    Cocktails for a Great Gatsby night - what fun! x

  6. a low maintenance garden sounds good! Heather x


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