52 Weeks of Happy (35/52)

Oh what a difference an extra day makes to the weekend! A chance to break out of our usual routine and relax a little more. And the weather certainly helped as we were blessed with three days of dry weather and some sunshine as well. It has rained all day today but wouldn't you call that fair play?

Our weekend was fairly simple. Hubs did a few diy jobs like putting up a washing line in the garden - a simple job but one that we hadn't got round to - and I sneaked out of the house early on Sunday morning to a car boot sale specifically to pursue bargains for the garden. I was very focused and self-disciplined and (almost) stuck to my list and budget. We went for daily walks, had leisurely meals, sat reading outside, walked to the local pub and drank cider outside, mowed our annoyingly small lawn and made new plans for the garden. We're getting there with our garden plans, s l o w l y...

So, joining in with Jen from little birdie for week 35, here's my four particular happy moments.

♥ Lazy weekend breakfasts. Almond croissants. Mmm...
♥ Finding cheap terracotta pots and plants at the car boot sale. I wanted some small pots to cover a manhole cover at the front of our house and was delighted to find some. I love white flowers in pots and a geranium always pretties up an outdoor table, don't you think?
♥ A new addition to my summer wardrobe. I found this floaty tunic on my way out of the car boot sale. Just the perfect length to wear over leggings and a bargain at £1. Yes it was an impulse buy, but I was drawn to its colours and I know I'll wear it a lot. The lovely lady who sold it to me said it was clean but not ironed and having washed it myself I now fully intend not to iron it either :)  That makes it a definite keeper in my summer minimalist wardrobe.
♥ Spotting the first azaleas in our local woods. I can't wait to see more of these beauties bloom over the next few weeks.

Thank you all for reading and welcome to my new followers.

Be happy xo



  1. Such a pretty tunic, it caught my eye even before I read your post.

  2. Wonderful that you found what you needed for the garden at the car boot sale Claire - and the bonus of the tunic!
    Loved your previous post on Minimalism and yes I find reading minimalist blogs very inspiring. Miss Minimalist was the first one I read and I also like The Minimalists although I would not realistically be able to reduce my possessions to their level. Small Notebook is one I have found to be a more moderate but still helpful blog and of course I would recommend yours most highly!

    1. Yes, I read Small Notebook from time to time and especially like her smart/casual minimal wardrobe. Any house news Megan? Thanks for your kind words. Claire xo

    2. Oh Claire I'm sorry to say that we have taken our house off the market at the moment as the offers we received were well below what we or the agent know the house is worth. The two couples making the offers were outraged that we withdrew it but were bargain hunters according to the agent and he supported our decision.
      We do love our house and garden so we are not devastated but will pursue our dream of downsizing when we feel up to going through the process again. In the meantime your posts will continue to keep me motivated :)

    3. Sorry to hear this but as it's a stressful process you've made the right decision, I'm sure. You'll be so ready to downsize when the time comes!

  3. It sounds as though you had a perfect bank holiday! I did sigh at the rain today but thought, well, the garden needed watering...saved me a job! Have a great week. Chel x

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful long weekend, like the look of your new plants.

  5. beautiful post, gorgeous weekend fun, isnt it fab when the sun shines and loving that tunic! do you think it's too late to start the 52 weeks of happy project lol! x

  6. what a pretty frock! i would have snapped that up too! nice pots, great idea to cover the manhole! Heather x

  7. I'd be smiling at those pots and plants too! :) x

  8. Love those terracotta pots and yes, white geraniums are lovely on a table. Gorgeous tunic, you wear it well. Excellent bargain hunting skills Claire! x


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