Minimalist Monday: The Maxi Dress

Nothing new here... but the number one item in my 2013 spring/summer minimalist wardrobe is my new maxi dress. Figure hugging formal dresses make me feel anxious and body conscious but the floatiness of a maxi dress feels liberating and lets me connect with my inner boho goddess. In a maxi dress I can feel glamorous but also relaxed.

A maxi dress can transport you, whatever your age or size, to a dreamy fashion heaven where the size of your bum or muffin top are a distant memory. And you don't even have to shave your legs! Best worn with flats, you can feel relaxed whatever the occasion, a glamorous onesie if there is such a thing. 

My biggest fear with a minimalist wardrobe is that I've got nothing to wear feeling for a big night out. With a May birthday party looming I decided to treat myself to a new maxi dress knowing it would be my go-to outfit for any nights out or summer events over the next three months. I will wear it to my friend's May birthday party, on holiday, for our July wedding anniversary and to any other summer occasions that are blessed with good weather. My minimalist wardrobe has to be versatile and hard wearing but I also need an easy but celebratory outfit for special occasions. And if I love it who cares how many times I wear it? This is a definite change of attitude for me, having the confidence to wear an outfit over and over again.

So, how do you style a maxi dress? 

It's up to you, really. Flats definitely, although wedges/heels also work. I think maxi dresses can leave you feeling a little Mumsy or frumpy so a belt can add definition and reference your figure. I'm not that comfortable wearing belts normally but I think they work with a maxi. And cardigans, wraps and jackets can also help with cool summer evenings. 

So, grab a maxi dress and go go summer!

My outfit: 
dress – M&S
sandals – 3 years old, local boutique
necklace – charity shop
belt – charity shop

Any maxi dress lovers out there or do they leave you feeling frumpy?



  1. I am loving maxis at the moment. They're the reason why I've failed not to buy clothes in 2013. Oops! x

  2. I love the idea of maxi dresses and yours is beautiful (especially with the new 'do!!) - almost like a William Morris design, and I love his work!!
    On my short, dumpy frame, however, I haven't had much success with maxi dresses, though I have tried. A bit too tent-like! They are too long, usually, and anything remotely empire does nothing for my generous bust, really (or the tummy!). But I'm keeping an eye out in case I see one that is cut in such a way that I could wear it and that I could shorten to the right length to wear with my plain silver sandals... I do think that in theory, they're marvellous!

  3. It's very pretty, I love the Maxi.

  4. That is a great look!

  5. I have a belt very similar to the one you're sporting on these photos, love it!

    Like you, I have a "nothing to wear for a big night out" thing. I'm very casual by nature and I find it hard to buy something for a night out that will happen every now and again but really isn't me. Too much of a tightwad to stump up. So a maxi should be the answer but I just can't quite make the leap from thinking they're a cover all for people who can't be bothered to shave their lags or think they're hiding something to thinking it's boho freedom and easy chic... Maybe a case of don't think, just do.

  6. I love maxi dresses and would wear mine just as you wear yours, with some sandals and pretty jewellery. You look great in yours, by the way! However, I don't own one as I've never found one long enough for me (I'm 5'11"). They need to skim the top of your foot, as yours does, or else they look a bit daft. But every summer I keep searching for a nice long maxi dress... x

  7. Love the dress - and you've chosen great accessories for them. Unfortunately I think I'm too short for them as I too would like to get in touch with my inner boho girl.

    1. I've always ruled them out on the grounds of being too short as well.

  8. Claire you look lovely in your maxi and you have personalised it perfectly with the belt and jewellery.
    Isn't it crazy that the idea has arisen we should have a new outfit for every occasion? Wearing what you love and feel good in is the only way to go :)

  9. Claire, I love the dress! And it looks beautiful on you :) Great spring decision ;)

    My closet, though, will have to wait for the summer for an actual dress :P

  10. You look beautiful! And isn't it crazy how we feel we can't wear the same thing twice to completely different events! I with you on that one. If it makes you feel good then wear the hell out of it I say.

  11. I also love that Vappu at The Cat's Meow has this principle - one red dress she can wear for any event :)!

  12. It is a beautiful dress... We are still wearing winter clothes here for the moment, but yes, the maxi dress is great for the summer... As others, unfortunately, I have tried it too, but definitely as I am not tall, it does not work beautifully...

  13. Beautiful dress and you look wonderful!


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