When Less is More

You know those mornings when you wake up and you don't know what day it is? You scrabble about in your head for clues of what you did yesterday and what's coming up today. Well today was one of them and I just love that feeling because it means I'm much more relaxed than usual. With tomorrow being a Bank Holiday in the UK many people, like me, have an extra long weekend. So today my normal Sunday routine of chores and work can wait and the only schedule I've got is the one I create. 

I want this weekend to be as much about being as doing. I want to find the right balance between getting jobs done and feeling like I've had some time off. And I don't want our time off to feel forced. If we feel like going out we will but we might be equally happy staying at home and savouring the extra time.  

So, I've been asking myself lots of questions. What do I want today to look like? What do I want it to feel like? Do I need any time alone? When I look back at this weekend what will I remember? Can I slow down and enjoy the here and now... the smells, the sights, the feelings? How will I describe my weekend to others? Can we all help each other to have a relaxing weekend? 

I don't have the answers to all of these questions but I have reached a few decisions. One is to delegate a little more, for example the ironing can be split into four piles. Another is that I will practise what I preach by spending less time online. I will be taking a blogging break until Tuesday so my regular Minimalist Monday post will not happen this week. 

Bye then, I'm off to check out the less is more approach to leisure time. 

Have a fantabulous weekend whatever you choose to do or not to do xo



  1. Love those days too,but hate when you think it's the weekend and it's Monday morning!!!! LOL

  2. I love those days and with it being a bank holiday here on Monday I don't have to deal with that Monday morning feeling!! Have a great weekend. Chel x

  3. Enjoy your break and time to yourself. Great haircut too, but the way! x

  4. Enjoy your play!! I think it's important to know (and act) when you need to step away from a self-imposed obligation on blogging too. We will all still be here whenever you do step away. (Thank you for your kind words on my post last week. I loved your words "go gently") xx

  5. I agree with you, there is much to do but yet, we want to enjoy the weekend... And yes online "tasks" can consume a lot of time... I try to reduce my online screening too, sometimes I miss it, but I find rewarding the things I can do instead...
    By the way, great haircut!
    Enjoy your long weekend.


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