Just busy being... green

We've had a lovely restful weekend and the sunny and warm weather here in the UK made it even more special. I managed to get most of the things on my weekend list completed but as the Bank Holiday unfolded I decided I wanted to slow right down and my main aim was to chill and just be. 

Our weekend started in a flurry of activity with a thorough house clean and a visit to a Green Fair where there was the usual folksy merriment and interesting stalls to browse. We bought some locally produced cider after a free tasting - well it was genuinely refreshing and we knew it was going to be a warm weekend.

At the fair we also found out about our local RSPB reserve, Middleton Lakes, so we decided to head off on Sunday to check this out. We were not disappointed. Butterflies, bluebells and many many birds were blissfully happy in this natural setting. Our winter inertia was forgotten and we felt energised by nature's spring ventures. 

This place felt like a wonderful discovery. We have another bluebell wood nearby which you have to pay entry into and has glossy advertising et al to lure you into parting with your money. What was wonderful about this RSPB reserve was just how unspoilt and uncommercial it was. Open from dusk until dawn there was no cafĂ©, posh toilets or shop to make this into a homogenous Bank Holiday outing just a friendly volunteer, portaloos, signs to help you plan your route and a discreet donation box in the car park. 

We walked along the shady woodland paths and found ourselves at the lake where the cacaphony of sounds from the birds were equally alarming and entertaining.

We realised our knowledge of bird life was lacking but when we spotted a masterful large bird flying low we knew at once it was one of the twenty pairs of grey herons that nest in the reserve.

The grasses around the lake were full of butterflies dancing and darting about. Capturing photos of an orange tipped butterfly, feeding birds and the heron made my weekend.

For the rest of the weekend we stayed at home. We did some light maintenance in our little garden, drank cider and read in the sunshine. And dozed a little too.



  1. Middleton Lakes is a fabulous place, we went there last year. Would be good to pop back to see the bluebells but I don't think we'll have time unfortunately. Lovely photos you've taken. x

  2. What a beautiful setting, being in nature is a great soul restorer isn't it! Glad you had such a great weekend (made even better by the sunshine!) :) x

  3. Now that's a great way to spend a weekend.

  4. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me :)

  5. Lovely - we live near Middleton Lakes and my friend volunteers there - she'll be so pleased that you had a nice time :)

  6. the lakes looked like a really nice place to be, the Bluebells are stunning! Heather x

  7. Claire what a lovely weekend you had! The bird reserve looks wonderful and I'm sure this will be the first of many visits for you! I haven't heard of somewhere charging to see the bluebell woods. The best things in life are free!
    Sarah x

  8. Ooh you must live really close to me! Is this place by the Dog and Doublet pub?

  9. It looks like a lovely spot to relax and just enjoy the moment. x

  10. Oh my - these are just gorgeous.

    Nina x


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