52 Weeks of Happy (30/52)

Oh, another whole day of sunshine and on a day off work. Here are my simple happy things from this week. Joining in with Jen's project over at little birdie.

♥ Our first Saturday morning coffee outside on our little deck area. The chocolate biscuits had to be eaten quickly before they melted. A lovely start to a glorious day of sunshine.
♥ White jeans and a summer shirt. I can never decide if white jeans are naff (they probably are) but I don't care, wearing lighter colours makes me happy. This is what I wore today with ballet pumps (no socks, a first this year).
♥ I was on the verge of buying some new plants for my old bathtub planter but then today I noticed how perky my white pansies are suddenly looking again. I think they heard me...
♥ Beautiful pale pink blossom flowers in our park. I drive past this tree on my way to work and just had to get a photo of it as it's so pretty.

Hope you all have a good week. Thanks for all your interesting comments, I love to read them.

Be happy.



  1. Gorgeous happies ... the blossom is just beautiful ... not so much sun here yet ... fingers crossed we will have some more soon ... Bee xx

  2. Have been enjoying all your posts Claire even though I haven't commented for a while :)
    Just had to tell you that in my opinion white jeans are not naff - quite the reverse and I'm sure you look very good in them! I even wear mine sometimes in winter here in Sydney paired with black jacket and ballet flats.

    1. Oh good glad you think they're OK Lovely to hear from you Megan xo

  3. I rive been enjoying the outdoors too, sipping tea and lunches outside, bliss! :) x

  4. That looks like a lovely little sunny spot in your garden. Love your blossom picture - gorgeous! xx

  5. Nice, that first picture. I see legs, and a newspaper and a cup of coffee. That looks like destress. I wonder what kind of tree I see on the last picture. Is it a Prunus? (almond tree). Very nice picture. I want to sit outside and knit. Here also the sun shines!

  6. Coffee in the garden, how lovely! I think white jeans - especially if they are cropped or capri pant style - with ballet flats and a shirt is a lovely look, very classic and summery. x

  7. I agree whaite jeans are very summery. I can not wait for some lovely porch sitting. This weather sure is taking its sweet time this year.

  8. Send some spring to our side of the Atlantic! We had snow this morning... :-(


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