Minimalist Monday: Bliss

I have discovered that writing a blog can take you on some unexpected journeys. Through writing about my interest in minimalism and simple living I often get comments that spark my interest further. Last week's post Happily Living in a Smaller Home is a case in point. Thank you so much for your comments because it made me realise that many of you are still interested and excited about the idea of living in smaller spaces. And many of you, like me, are happy living in small homes.

One comment in particular led me to research small Swedish homes, which in turn made me stumble upon a very exciting and inspiring blog that's completely new to me, Small House Bliss. I don't get enough time to browse blogs these days but this is one I will be returning to regularly. New inspiration for decluttering and creating a simple but stylish home is always welcome. 

This blog showcases a variety of styles of small houses that are well designed and truly inspiring. They all have simple interiors and are proof that small homes can feel spacious. Some are set in stunning locations, which always adds a wow factor, but I think each one of these small homes can be an inspiration to us to maybe have a little less furniture, to use our space more creatively or to try and further reduce clutter in our homes. When I imagine living in these small calm spaces I feel instant bliss. This is a great motivator to make me keep paring down.

There are some examples of small Swedish homes on this blog but the home I have chosen to show you is an American garage conversion belonging to artist Michelle de la Vega. I have come across it before and have been amazed how 250 square feet of living space can be so stylish and spacious. 

I hope you enjoy it. You can see more of her home here and seriously you should pop over and look at the rest of the blog too. Bliss.



  1. Oh yes! I could definitely live like this...not too sure my 'messy' kids could though.

    Nina x

  2. Just goes to show its not size but what you do with it! :) x

  3. So appealing!
    Do you know Time of the Aquarius (Finnish)?

    1. Yes I have been following it for the last few years - beautiful simple style xo

  4. I like the idea of living like this. It's kind of like a small bungalow with a sleeping loft. I think for single or couple though! We don't see so many places like this in our country, I think you would probably have to build it! it would be nice to have the space around it and not be squeezed together with other small houses or flats. very interesting, definitely one day! Heather x

  5. I would love to live in a smaller home with less clutter the blog you mention is full of inspiration!
    Sarah x


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