Spring Health Goals

I was on holiday at the end of March when I would normally have written my April mini goals so I am posting some spring goals instead in the same fashion as Laura at Move To Portugal. My goals are linked to health and are inspired by some motivational words and photos I saw on Howies site. This is a great site and blog to check out as they not only promote active clothing that has a low impact on the environment but they have an enviable chilled attitude to work and play.

Here my goals to hopefully lead to new healthy habits.

  • Get moving – ideally regular running again but at least several walks a week
  • No more diet coke – have given this up since Lent and can hopefully live without it now
  • Less alcohol – more drink free days needed
  • Healthier desserts – I'm looking to buy and use more fruit 
  • Eat more yoghurt – good for weight control and protecting the immune system
  • Less caffeine – this is something which in excess negatively affects my sleep and mood 
  • Switch off laptop at least an hour before bedtime – not easy as I write many of my posts in the evening , but I will try
  • Floss teeth – a perpetual promise to my dentist
  • Pace rather than race – plan my days better and focus on the main tasks required so that I am not always chasing deadlines
  • Eat more vegetarian meals – for nutrition and to save money
  • Take a multvitamin supplement and cod liver oil capsules – we have had too many coughs and colds this winter and my Mum swears by this combination 

As always I will let you know how I get on. 

Have you got any health goals? Do you take any supplements?




  1. Don't forget your Vitamin D! Very important for all aspect of your health! Good health! :) x

  2. I like the sound of those goals!

    I am trying to eat more healthily, and will be joining my local gym at the weekend. It's a vanity goal - I go on holiday in July, and can't spend another summer sitting on the beach in jeans!

    I shall have a look at those two sites you've highlighted. Any encouragement is gratefully received.

    Leanne xx

  3. yes I can relate to quite a few of these! I take vitamin E + C and sometimes a good multi-vitamin. I jog once a week, trying to up it a bit! Heather x

  4. I am still finding turning of the iphone from pinterest hard to do at the end of the day. My aim is to go to bed at 9.30pm and read for half an hour then sleep...so far I am yet to do it more than once a week!
    D xxx

  5. Your health goals are great ... I really need to do the switch off before bed one ... Bee xx

  6. I've been inspired by Laura too!

    Love your goals. Good luck!

    Sft x

  7. I like how, food wise, you're giving up some things but also adding some (more fruit, yogurt and vegetarian meals). Saying yes to "more" is sometimes good!

  8. All great goals Claire! I'm sure you will be able to incorporate these positive changes into your life and feel the benefits quite quickly.
    I know I sleep better when I've stayed away from the computer immediately before bed but I appreciate it's more difficult for you with your postings :)

  9. Good goals! I take a LOT of fish oil and CLO. I've been under a lot of stress at work, over the past 7 years, and have had a lot of symptoms from it. Taking 2400 mg of omega 3's has really helped--I certainly feel it when I forget to take them!

  10. Great - good luck with your goals!
    I take a multi-vitamin and some omega 3-6-9 oil capsules as I head towards the next milestone birthday and as I have started getting very dry skin lately. Just a good base, really and it does seem to help somewhat. I'm not concerned about vitamin D because I go outside a fair bit - my main goal is to walk for at least 30 min a day and that is always outdoors (I don't do gyms!). The dog is happy about that!

  11. Yes great goals
    I started taking a multi vitamin, magnesium, floradix (iron)& a pro biotic. It has certainly made my skin clear firstly!.
    Love walking but have got a bit lazy. I totally relate to the caffeine one as I am an anxious person and caffeine provides more fuel to that. I have managed to get it down to drinking 2 - 3 cups a day. Will aim for 2 from now on. Been managing to drink 1 litre of water a day but need to up that to 2.
    Well done on stopping diet coke. Occasionally I have one if we eat out and must say I enjoy it more as it is a rare thing!
    Good luck with them x

  12. Good goals, and I like the way you included mental health ones not just physical. We've been looking at our diet lately and really reducing red meat and trying to eat wholegrain over white bread/pasta/rice. I always think it's easier to eat more healthily as summer comes. Nice salads, lots of fresh fruit in season...little things help. x

  13. Nice goals... I try to fix myself goals, but I never did this short term, neither with such specific area. I do take supplement, lots of them, it all depends what I think my body requires. I try to take twice a year for a couple of months spirulina and chlorella... I take in winter Vitamin D and all year around (for my feminine condition) Vitamin E which I have notice is really helping a lot... I now have been taking daily probiotics and this is helping my eczema... If you are interested I would highly recommend two documentaries related to health/nutrition: " Food Matters" and " Hungry for Change"...

    1. Hi, I have checked these titles out - I think there are book versions too. The idea of natural food as a healing agent really interests me. Thanks :)

    2. Hello there, if you are really interested in natural foods for healing, then I would recommend that you check those two websites: http://www.doctoryourself.com/ , this one is from Andrew Sawl, it is very informative and you can find many answers to the health questions you could have... The second one is this one: http://www.naturalnews.com/index.html it is more generic, but very informative too... It is my pleasure to share this :-)

  14. I take Vit D (I'm blaming the weather for this one!) and iron all year round.

    I love your goals I'm really trying to focus on fitness since returning from my hols - nothing like a lot of walking to make you realise how unfit you are! :)

    I solved my sleep issues by limiting coffee (two cups in the morning) and then water for the rest of the day x

    1. Yes, we felt very unfit on holiday walking/climbing the coastal paths - sooo many steps xo

    2. ...and thank you so much for the shout out x

  15. Not too long ago, my hubby and I went vegetarian. Never in a million years did I ever even consider going veggies until I attended a Tony Robbins seminar in Orlando that changed my life. We are now a vegetarian family (we have a 4 year old boy and 9 month old baby girl) and plan on staying that way because it feels amazing.

    I have also taken up running. I never thought of myself as a runner, but having two kids and running my own business with my husband, well...I needed something that I could do on my own on a whim that is rejuvenating and easy. So, now I run just about every day and I love it!

    1. Sounds inspiring. More veggie food and running are two simple ways to a healthier life that I can fit into my lifestyle too. Thank you so much for commenting xo


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