52 Weeks of Happy (40/52)

A late 52 Weeks of Happy joining in with the lovely Jen from Little Birdie. Here are my happy moments from late June and the first week of July. Some perfect summer moments.
... I'm glad I waited for the weather to warm up!

♥ Warmer weather, a heatwave, a hot spell - call it what you will - it's here in the UK! Yippee! After a BBQ on Friday we have eaten most meals, including breakfast and many, many strawberries outside. Sitting outside in the evening sipping wine and chatting instead of watching TV feels very chilled and European - like we're abroad or camping.
♥ Glasto on the BBC watched on the iPad (in the garden) and on TV late into the night. There was superb coverage this year from the big names to many lesser names. The Rolling Stones were in superb form - a bit frayed around the edges but just awesome. We also loved Jake Bugg, Kenny Rogers, Chic, Rodriguez, I am Kloot, Ed Harcourt, First Aid Kit, the Mumford's encore (with friends) and The XX. We're still enjoying the Glastonbury afterglow as we catch up with the many acts on the i player.
♥ My Dad's birthday - lovely to spend some time with my Dad and my family as we celebrated his 77th year. These marguerite flowers are from my parents' garden. I love them.
♥ Watering my plants in the early morning. Stepping outside early in the day to water my plants is a simple pleasure not to be rushed. Just taking in the fresh air and feeling the promise of a new day relaxes me. A very tiny watering can helps prolong this peaceful activity. I must add this to many simple pleasures list on my sidebar. 
♥ Ooh and a fifth happy - 77 years later and we have a British Wimbledon champion. Those last few points were exhausting! Murray and the rest of the country can relax now :)

Be happy xo



  1. Lovely photos. Your strawberries look delicious!

  2. Gorgeous happies! Glasto was great especially Mumford and I really liked Of Monsters and Men too. And Murray winning has just made my year! X

  3. Yippee for the heatwave is the right way to go about it for sure, I cannot get enough of this heat! And happy birthday to your dad! /maria x

  4. So pleased for you Claire that Summer has arrived and you are making the most of every moment. Congratulations to your Dad on reaching 77 years and to the UK for having a home grown champion after 77 years :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great week.

  6. Excellent summery happy things, Claire. I really liked your description of watering the garden in the early morning - just a few minute of peace all to yourself. What a nice way to begin the day. x

  7. hey when i am out early watering my garden tomorrow i will think of you doing the same! xxxx


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