Local Knowledge: Poppy Fields

Natural beauty spots can be nearer than you think. If you go looking... or if you're tipped off as we were....

So one evening when the temperature had dropped we headed off. This is what we found within walking distance of our house. Poppies amongst wild daisies and rapeseed flowers. They were stunning in their mass. The ethereal evening light gave them that faded Instagram look and accentuated the graphic quality of the flower and seed heads.

There was a vague path and I was lost for a while in the beauty of it all.

I returned in the morning. Everything was a little sharper and brighter.

Insects were busy amongst the remaining rapeseed flowers.

I had to tear myself away. Just one last look...



  1. It certainly is beautiful. I love poppies.

  2. Ooh that's amazing? Would you mind sharing where this is, I'd love to take my daughter.

  3. There's there a roundabout I drive by which is filled with the most beautiful wild flowers, it looks like a Monet painting, sadly it's too busy to get out a take photos! I'm going to pop that lovely book I won in the car so we can identify flowers as we are out and about! :) x

  4. Wow nature is amazing. Just so very pretty.

  5. I love poppies, I like their bright red colour and their simplicity. That is a beautiful field, I've never seen so many poppies together.

  6. What a great find, I love to see a proper field full of poppies and you took some great photos. Shamefully, I don't know where I could find one locally or anywhere in the Peak District, but I did find one where Dave used to live and it was fantastic, I think you'd enjoy it! There are photos of it on my blog...

  7. Seeing some lovely poppy posts lately and yours are stunning! I'm enjoying them all the more as I haven't found any locally apart from a few small yellow ones in my garden!

  8. I just cant get over how beautiful this is!!..and its on your doorstep. id want to lay down and stay all day. x

  9. Fantastic photos I would love to be wondering through the field like you did!
    Sarah x


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