52 Weeks of Happy (41/52)

Can it get any better? Sustained warm weather and festival season...

Joining in with Jen from Little Birdie, here are my four simple happy moments from the last week.

♥ On Friday night our local free festival opened. A lot of hard unpaid work goes into making this festival happen... so seeing it open on a sultry evening was a joy. This time last year the weather was torrential rain and festival organisation a nightmare. 
♥ A sweet perfumed rose from the garden. 
♥ Greek salad for lunch... a Mediterranean diet with extra drizzles of olive oil seems so right now. Good for sun scorched skin too.
♥ Warm summer evenings. To not need extra layers when the sun sets... to not feel like eating until 9pm because it's too hot. We're in the UK, right?

Be happy, wherever you are in the world xo


  1. Love your rosé, we went on a walk yesterday evening and I stopped to smell every rose, my girls are so embarrassed by me! :) x

  2. Such lovely summer happy things. This week of sunshine has been bliss. Beautiful rose too. X

  3. I hope your singing went well. We are off to a little festival next weekend. We've been removing all of the blankets and hot water bottles from the van and I'm debating whether to bother with the waterproofs- unheard of!

  4. Perfect summer happies. We've also been eating salads and enjoying sunsets. This warm weather is bliss. x

  5. Looks like another wonderful week.


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