Barbecue Summer

With the mercury soaring since the middle of the week and with hints of a fine weekend we began to plan a barbecue for a Happy Friday get together with family. An assortment of bunting set the outdoor vibe. 

Nothing too gourmet - simple salads, barbecued veg, tandoori chicken and a few sausages were our barbecue fare.

I had plenty of wine chilling in the fridge and a chilled Hubs too!

 Axe at the ready Hubs and youngest son chopped wood for the fire pit.

We barbecued a few things on the fire pit, cooked some spuds in the oven and enjoyed a rare treat in the UK - eating outdoors in the evening without feeling cold.

Birds sang, the air was still and there were tiny pink wisps in the sky. As it grew darker we were drawn to the fire even though we didn't feel cold. You have to sit around a fire pit though, don't you? And you have to toast something. Our youngest toasted bread and hubs toasted us with his Jack Daniels.

Glowing embers, flickering flames and candlelight warmed my soul. Helloo summer!



  1. I love eating outdoors, it enhances the flavour of the food and draws us together.

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening. I adore those lanterns in the last picture!

  3. I bought 3 identical ones earlier in the year but haven't used them yet. Perhaps I should dust 'em off! They look beautiful. My neighbours were barbequeing this evening and I was feeding on the delicious aromas . . but they didn't ask me round. :( sob, sob, sob . . .

  4. This weather is grand isn't it, lets hope it sticks around! Your fire pit looks great where did you get it?

  5. great fire pit! I have a small fire bowl, very tiny but big enough for a pan of sausages. very pretty lanterns, Heather x

  6. Looks like you all had a fabulous time, love that tea shirt.

  7. It all looks wonderful, I love that t shirt too :-)

  8. Lovely photos of your lanterns and fire pit. I wish we had one of those! Yes, it's heavenly to sit outside in the evening, isn't it? I just love it. x

  9. That looks like as great barbecue and wonderful pictures.
    Sarah x

  10. Your bunting is lovely! I just love to enjoy a summer evening outside with a nice glass of wine and the lanterns make it even better!


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