Act Accordingly Winner

I'm so delighted to give a digital copy of this book away to one lucky reader. Well done mama sunshine... this book was written for you. Colin Wright's book is inspirational and is deliberately short and affordable so please check it out if you were not lucky enough to win. If you're tired of standing still this book might just work for you.

And mama sunshine please email me your choice...  Kindle, ePub or PDF version of the book. And enjoy!

Thank you all for your lovely comments about your most important possessions... you're my inspiration xo


  1. Oh thats fantastic. Thank you so much. But I have to confess, I was so intrigued by your post that I have already downloaded it! It's a fascinating book and I felt thoroughly energised by it.

    Would you like to offer it to another person who entered instead x

    1. So glad you enjoyed it - time for a re draw then!


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