52 Weeks of Happy (42/52)

Temperatures are soaring and spirits are high here too. Linking in with the lovely Jen from Little Birdie with my (our) happy moments from the last week...

♥ Eldest son passing his driving test... words cannot describe my relief and pride. This young man also worked like a trojan at our local free festival pulling pints behind the bar. An adult now, I guess... but does he need to ask his Dad for ID?
♥ Early morning runs. I have kept up with my running recently and although physically challenging the benefits are amazing. I'm feeling so much more in shape physically and mentally. My running shoes stay very near our front door as a reminder to get out there every few days.
♥ Wild flowers in a miniature NYC mug from my niece - thank you. A perfect size for my limited display space.
♥ Sunflowers. A symbol of our forthcoming holiday to France. School's out and I can't wait to escape to the French countryside with my man and lovely boys.

A special hello to all my new readers and followers. Be happy xo



  1. Huge congratulations to your son - that's a big deal! I bet he's thrilled to bits. I managed early morning runs Wednesday and today and although it was hot I'm so glad I did it. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  2. Well done to yo on, sounds like a great week.

  3. Congratulations, a great life skill achieved.

  4. Congratulations to your son, such a great achievement! Will you need to hide the car keys now?!

  5. Bienvenue en France!


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