Minimalist Monday: Colin Wright

Some inspiration for you this Minimalist Monday. Introducing Colin Wright, a minimalist amongst other things. You may or may not have heard of him but I am going to assume you haven't. Here is a short biography of Colin.

He is a 28 year old author, entrepreneur and full-time traveller.

He studied Graphic Design and Illustration at university.

He has been running businesses since he was 19.

After graduation and a year working as a 'Creative' for a boutique production and design studio he set up his own design studio in LA and ran a very successful business.

During this time he worked very long hours (100-120 hours a week) had a long-term girlfriend and an enviable home in LA.

By mutual and cordial agreement he and his girlfriend decided to end their relationship. They planned their break up for four months in the future when they would hold a party with their friends to celebrate their relationship.

After this he set about creating a new life. This meant becoming a minimalist, deciding to travel and starting a blog Exile Lifestyle

He decided to create a vote page on his blog where readers vote for a new country for him to travel to and immerse himself in every four months.

He has travelled to Argentina, South America, New Zealand, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Iceland, much of the US, the Caribbean and Romania.

He recently co-founded a publishing company called Asymmetrical Press, based in Missoula, Montana, alongside Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus - who you may know from The Minimalists blog.

He is currently based in Montana before returning to travelling later in the year.

He has written ten books the latest of which is Act Accordingly.

Inspirational or what? Go check him out and stop by tomorrow to read my interview with him . And then there's my worldwide giveaway of his new book Act Accordingly later in the week. As a UK minimalist blogger I feel very honoured to be bringing you this. Can you tell?



  1. Claire you have every reason to feel honoured (and very excited!) to have interviewed Colin Wright. I'm familiar with him because of The Minimalists and Exile Lifestyle but I'm very much looking forward to reading your interview tomorrow


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