52 Weeks of Happy (43/52)

Hello. It's lovely to be back and thank you for all your recent comments. I had a complete break from the internet during our holiday which I think has done me/us the world of good - now I'm raring to go and loving reading old and new blogs. I did feel a little nervous returning to le blog but after a couple of posts I feel comfortable here once more (is this normal?) My camera was of course never far away and so I'm afraid there are still one or two holiday snaps to show plus a glimpse of life back in old Blighty. Photo opportunities and inspiration are not quite as abundant at home but I did manage these two simple shots.

So joining in with the lovely Jen from Little Birdie here are some recent simple happy moments. 

♥ Kir Royales (cassis/blackcurrant liqueur and champagne) for our anniversary meal - not a simple pleasure I admit  but one I've never had before so a proper treat. We ate at a canal side restaurant called Au p'tit Kir on a lovely warm evening.
♥ Family. On holiday our boys helped their grandad collect and store logs for the colder months. France was cold just like the UK until May so the log stores at the house were very low. 
♥ Chip butties. Fine cuisine in the UK.
♥ Just being home and settling back into old routines but with new vigour is actually very comforting.

Be happy xo



  1. Lovely moments from your week.

  2. The british to love those chip sarnies don't they?
    I'm afraid I can't get used to those... But I do love chips!
    Your happy moments are nice :)

  3. Lovely pictures, glad you had a lovely meal on your anniversary. And home is the very best place to be isn't it. Glad to have you back!

  4. That's a nicely packed chip butty *yum*. Glad you enjoyed your internet break and time away.

  5. Lovely, thanks for sharing. And so nice to see your boys helping their Grandad.

  6. Glad you had a great holiday and a refreshing break. Sometimes a bit of time in the "real" world helps us to better find balance.

  7. It's always good to get home, no matter how good a holiday has been. Welcome back.

  8. It's always good to come home and settle back into familiar routines, no matter how good the holiday. Love the look of those kir royales. x


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