A Taste of Burgundy

After showing you the pretty and oh-so-French village that we stayed in for our holiday, I thought I'd share some more of the Burgundy area with you. Much of my holiday wish-list was covered and it was a delight to photograph. Top of my wish-list was food. We ate very simply, mainly self-catering with very good quality fresh food from the supermarket and markets. Tarts, the most perfect brie and tomato and mozzarella salad were eaten nearly every day. We peeped at the menu of the village school and saw this same salad on their menu. Such educated palates!

We visited two typically French markets. One very tiny one in a nearby village and one much larger (with very tempting wares) in the city of Beaune.

The nearby villages and towns were all full of character and very well kept. I became hooked on snapping signs, roofs, cockerels and floral displays. 

There were some splendid examples of multi-coloured Burgundy roofs. The first is of the Hospices of Beaune and the second is a town hall in Meursault. Yes a town hall - how impressive!

We spent a lot of time walking, cycling and enjoying the countryside. I got my chance to swim in a very natural setting at a local plage. Swimming with dragonflies and ducks was heaven. The water had cold and warm spots just like swimming in the sea... bliss. This plage is used by a lot of nearby campers and was free (and clean).

As it was hot and far from the coast finding water became quite an obsession. We also visited a natural waterfall although the water was more of a spray than a fall. 

Not on my list but quite exciting was wine tasting. I never knew wine could be so tasty. We did treat ourselves to a sample of a local wine (for Christmas) as we bought no other souvenirs. 

Ah, the tastes, smells and views of Burgundy. It's lovely to revisit them and I hope you don't mind me sharing.



  1. I don't mind you sharing at all, you've just transported me to a wonderful place, so thank you! Suzy x

  2. Oh what wonderful photos (and food).

    I love the patterned roofs, it shows a real love of the workmanship that goes into them.

  3. Ahhh gorgeous. Would love to go.

  4. It was lovely to see all your photos of France , you have transported me there tonight with those wonderful images.. The patterned roof looked amazing. Sarah x

  5. Share away! I love your holiday posts. Those markets...oh, I do love the markets in France. I don't know if I'll be as disciplined as you in the souvenir stakes though. x

  6. Such a wonderful place for a holiday, looks like you had a great time.

  7. Amazing pictures! LOVE them. I love the roof tiles

  8. What a lovely place to go for a holiday, I love those amazing roofs.


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