Weekend Declutter 1-2-3

Call myself a minimalist... do you know it's at least four months since I last wrote a decluttering post? Shameful, I know. 

I think about decluttering (a lot) and know which areas need attacking but finding making time for this is another matter. And yet I really enjoy a good declutter. We don't have serious amounts of clutter anymore but we still would like less. There are a few, as yet, untackled clutter projects and other areas that have been reduced but need editing again. 

Luckily the house is currently tidy, clean and the laundry is under control for once so I'm planning a little decluttering spree this weekend. Nothing too ambitious just three areas that have been niggling away at me and that shouldn't be too onerous. A table top sale, car boot or eBay frenzy may follow but for now I'm just focusing on three clutter hotspots. 

1. CDs. We have never really attacked our vast CD collection although we buy very few now. In our previous larger home we had two Ikea Benno CD towers plus a cool wall mounted CD rack but for the last fourteen months most of them have lain dormant in boxes at the top of the wardrobe. Maybe it's time to digitise most of these. 

2. Jewellery. I've gone from boxes and boxes of jewellery to just two but many pieces are rarely worn as seen by this tangled mess. I'm feeling a radical approach to jewellery is on its way...

3. Magazines. I buy less magazines than I used to (although family kindly donate them to me) but the stack is beginning to grow. Piles of magazines look great in other people's homes but they somehow don't look right in mine. Also, flicking through old magazines is sapping my energy and I feel like I need to clear the lot. 

I'm looking forward to decluttering again and I'll let you know how I get on.

What are your top three areas that need decluttering? I'd love to hear.

Have a fantabulous weekend xo



  1. My list would be:
    CDs/tapes/records - unfortunately most of them belong to my husband who maintains that sound quality is compromised when they are digitised.
    Books - my husband brought boxes of them from an uncle's flat thinking they'd be worth something but he's managed to sell about 2 (out of about 100)
    Bed linen - number 2 son is having a room makeover (double bed instead of single too). We seem to have an awful lot of single size bed linen that could be reduced.
    Still loving your blog :)

  2. Number 1 - the coffee table where we pile library books and DVDs, and books we've bought but haven't read yet; Number 2 - the desk which always has bills, warranties and renewal papers ready to be filed, and Number 3 - the hardware shelf, because I haven't created a "system" for storing items that don't fit in the tool box!

  3. I put all my magazines on ebay and sell them - at least then I get some money back for them xxx

  4. Claire we have de-cluttered books, DVDs and CDs but still seem to have too many so for me that is an ongoing project.
    Also I wear basically the same pieces of jewellery for everyday and have a couple of special occasion earrings that were gifts from my husband - the rest should go!

  5. I'm working on downsizing myself, but it looks like you've been at the game for awhile. I hope to one day be a minimalist! Maybe I am already in my mind but when you are over come by "stuff" all over the place, it can be overwhelming to even go through it!
    The weekend I'm cleaning out my craft closet. Going through my piles and piles of photos to put them all in albums and Monday and Tuesday I plan to go through my clothes... again. I went through them the start of summer and made over $300 on ebay. I'm downsizing for a move, so I'm going to do another go through and see if I can make any more space.
    I'm exhausted already!
    Good luck with your decluttering, I can't wait to see what you are able to do!
    Have a good weekend,

  6. We are right in the middle of a big declutter here. Three areas that have top priority are: my big box of receipts, magazines (also get stacks given to me) and sorting through my three boys clothes cupboards. Now that is a huge job ;-) Pam

  7. I have been tackling the 'Man Drawer' in our kitchen recently, making dividers from cereal boxes etc. as fast as they are emptied! My next areas to tackle are;
    -the tape drawer (daughter is working her way through husbands record collection, so can't go there!)
    -photo storage (need to research the best digital storage, any ideas?)
    -the lad's room!!!!
    We have a brilliant second hand book shop near us called Barter Books. If you take in your unwanted books they give you credit to spend in the shop at any time. The trick is to only buy fiction books that can be returned to the shop as soon as they have been read rather than adding to the piles of books still on our shelves!!

  8. Who needs CDs anymore when there's Spotify?

  9. The spare room is full of things that need to go on ebay having been decluttered, so that is a project in itself. Future areas:
    1. Photo Albums that need sorting and pictures scanning
    2. My jewellery box is also on the list
    3. My laptop files need a serious sort through!

  10. Sometimes I think the whole house needs decluttering but right now it's:
    1. The guest room as we have visitors coming to stay shortly - as the rest of the house gets decluttered, everything ends up there.
    2. My wardrobe - I like the idea of a minimalist wardrobe but have too many pieces that I don't want to part with - this summer I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn in a few years and am glad I didn't part with them.
    3. My computer - lots of stuff needs to go on an external hard drive.

  11. The garden - how did it get so stuffed full?
    The Studio - annual clean up for Open Studio Week-end looming
    Clothes - still too many...
    I suppose it's a lifetime's task!

  12. Now let me see....the area at the side of the microwave, gets all the post before filing away. The children's wardrobe, far too many clothes (many donated!). Oh and the top of the cellar steps....I hate this area, dumping ground for things that really should go in the cellar! Guess what I'll be tackling next week! :) x

  13. We're okay for clutter, but I'm helping my Mum with her problem areas at the moment. No 1 is CD's. She had 8K+ ( I kid you not) and we've been going through them one by one - it's a big job! No 2 is clothes and No 3 sentimental items.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend x

  14. It's strange but I too love to see huge towering piles of magazines in other folks houses and yet in mine I see them as clutter and they were tucked in a cupboard. Needless to say they have now nearly all been sold at the last car boot sale.

    Seven years back copies of Country Living all gone!!

  15. We spent a productive morning going through our wardrobe a few weeks ago and filled 6 bin liners for the charity shop. Very satisfying. Next up - the horrible tangle of necklaces in my jewellery box.

    Like you I find old magazines energy sapping. I like the way you described that. An out of date magazine is just never as satisfying. x

  16. I need to go through the children's toys, I did go through them not so long ago but need to do it again, the dining room has too many bits in it that need rehoming/putting away and my airing cupboard it is full to the max and I have no idea what is at the back!


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