En Vacances: Cheilly Lès Maranges

Ahhh... this view of vineyards and rolling hills was well worth the long drive. These hills of the Côte-d'Or (meaning golden slopes) produce some of the world's most expensive wines - the higher the vineyard the more expensive the wine!  We stayed in a small French village, Cheilly Lès Maranges in Burgundy (mid east France). The village is approached by a pretty bridge over the canal and is full of character and charm. 

Cheilly (pronounced shayee) has one shop, one church, one school, one bar, several wine producers (of course) and that is about it. It is so unspoilt and quiet - apart from the roosters, tractors and church bells, that is. A few new homes have been built but most of the buildings are very old and a few are derelict... think the film Chocolat and you're there. 

You can just about see the boucherie/charcuterie here which is the village shop where you can also buy basics like bread.

The church dominates the landscape and can be seen from miles away. 

Not the most beautiful church from the front but it's much prettier from the back as it nestles into the landscape of vineyards. 

On the Saturday there was a wedding in the village. Afterwards the wedding couple and their guests left the village in a long procession of cars with much horn tooting. I managed to snap the end of the long line of cars.

I'm extremely lucky to have in-laws who own a house in this village and even more lucky that they were happy to have their grandsons stay with them while Hubs and I stayed in a one bedroom gite also in the village. It was lovely to hang out with my brood but such a treat to check 'em in and have a little hideaway for two. Romance...tick...

We spent most of our time in the garden at my in-laws perfecting the art of chillin'....

and jammin'

One guitar was really not enough as our youngest decided he'd have a go at learning too. The temperature was high for most of the time and our favourite word for a few days was scorchio.

Evenings were spent eating, drinking and chatting in the garden with the odd cocktail, sparkler fun and the occasional visit to the local bar for a treat.

We did venture out of the village and the local area was very picturesque and interesting but I'll share that with you another time. For us chilling out, living in this pretty village, exploring it and just soaking up the weather, views and holiday vibe was enough.

Rustic luxe.



  1. Remind me to become part of your family :)
    You are lucky to have family living in such a village! These are the places that you don't see in the main stream news and these are the exact places that I would love to visit! You are blessed!
    The pictures are gorgeous by the way!
    Have a great week!

  2. Lovely images Claire and it would seem that most items on your holiday list have been ticked. Good to have you back!

  3. Lovely photos. It all looks wonderful and very like the sort of village we'll be staying in soon...sleepy and very, very French. I'm so glad you had a great time. Lots of time to relax with family - perfect. xx

  4. Sounds like the perfect holiday, hope you return home relaxed and recharged.

  5. Sound like such a wonderful holiday, what a very pretty part of the world it is. Lucky you.

  6. Now that is what I call a dream vacation!

  7. Beautiful!!
    (May I suggest that Burgundy is in eastern France - Bordeaux is in the west! :))

  8. Beautiful pictures! I really like the boat. ;-)

  9. WOW!! It looks absolutely wonderful :-)


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