52 Weeks of Happy (46/52)

Hello... I must admit I'm a little sad to be sharing my last week of August with you. After a winter which almost outran spring, every dry, warm and sunny day has been a gift. Here's hoping we can ignore the misty signs of autumn for a little longer... 

Joining in with Jen from Little Birdie here are my late August happy moments.

♥ Blackberries. We enjoyed a Bank Holiday walk finding blackberries within minutes of our house - there were far more than we expected. I made a simple blackberry and apple crumble this week which we ate with clotted cream. Late summer happiness in a bowl.
♥ Veg curry tonight. Our usual quorn curry, a new dhal recipe and oven baked bhajis. Who needs a take-away?
♥ New square plates. I found it very difficult to resist these plated for 79p each in a local charity shop. They fit neatly into the corner of a cupboard and make ordinary meals look special.
♥ Sandals, loose-light clothes, time off work, eating outside with friends at lunchtime, sunshine, gardens... just some of the things I've been lucky enough to enjoy this week and would list as my summer pleasures. 

Thank you all for reading, following and leaving such wonderful comments this week. Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world. Enjoy the moment.

Be happy xo



  1. the end of August has come so quickly hasn't it...

  2. We've had blackberry and apple crumble as well, with some huge blackberries found in the allotment hedge. I think they must be a cultivated variety that have escaped. I could really do with another month or two of summer. So brief, so wonderful. I'm sad to let it go too.

  3. Today's the day we are walking up our drive with a bowl in hand to pick the luscious looking blackberries ripening on the bushes, lets' just hope we beat the birds to them.

    Love the photos and yes, autumn seems to be creeping stealthily in, we need to hang on to these last warm and dry days for as long as we can and make the most of every single one of them :-)

  4. Lovely moments, enjoy your last bit of summer time.

  5. We're having apple and bramble (blackberry) crumble tomorrow! We find ourselves fighting the brambles every year in our back garden but for the last 2 years we've left some to fruit at the back behind the shed. We pick them as soon as they ripen and pop them into a pot in the freezer until there are enough. So far we've got half a pound - and all free!!

  6. Lovely happy things. August has gone by super quick, I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to the summer yet either. lets hope we have a few more weeks of sandal wearing yet! xx

  7. Quorn curry, love it! I use a lot of quorn in our meals :) x

  8. Yes that curry sounds lovely. Are you going to share your new dahl recipe? Please!

    Sft x


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