Minimalist Monday: Too Much Jewellery

I have an on-going battle with jewellery. Several years ago I owned boxes and boxes of the stuff - most cheap but bright, colourful and fun to wear. I had to set aside time to untangle it and then find more time to organise it into boxes with labels identifying the general colour of the pieces. Finding a certain piece of jewellery meant sometimes opening several boxes before hitting jackpot. I knew I had more jewellery than I could manage and wear and so I attempted to reduce it several times.

This weekend I had another attempt at reducing my jewellery and setting aside pieces to sell or donate. My aim was to reduce my jewellery enough to fit inside this three drawer box above. I've tried having jewellery out on display but I prefer it to be neatly stored away and while I dream of owning a truly minimalist jewellery collection for now I'm just focusing on reducing mine gradually.

My previous method was pretty basic - just getting the amount down without regard to how much storage space it would take. Tired of searching for jewellery in multiple boxes I decided this time that space would dictate which pieces I would keep. Big bulky bangles were put to one side and then I juggled choices over which pieces to keep always thinking about how much would fit inside the three drawers. I tried to choose my most neutral and classic pieces whilst also keeping the odd bright or fun piece. Balancing the amount of different pieces was also part of my plan although I did end up keeping more necklaces than anything else. 

Here's a peep at what I kept (apart from engagement ring, wedding ring and two watches). I still think this is too much jewellery but I am pleased that fitting it into one storage place that is easily accessible is progress. And whilst they all fit in these drawers the drawers are a little crowded.

There will be another jewellery cull in the not too distant future but in the meantime I'm trying to monitor how often I wear these pieces. Oh and I'd love a new pair of aqua earrings as I lost one of a pair recently. 

How's your relationship with jewellery? Do you own more than you'd like and how do you like to store it? I'd love to hear.



  1. A couple of hooks inside my wardrobe door keeps my costume and vintage jewellery neat and tidy.

  2. I don't have a lot of jewelry but my problem is that I never remember to wear much other than my wedding band and a simple pair of small diamond stud earrings. I should get rid of most of what I do have, aside from things with sentimental value, because I forget to put it on. I think it's just taking up room.

  3. Years ago I decided I am not a jewellery person. So now I have a few statement pieces that are real. I set a limit and have bought two pieces since that limit. One I adore and wear the most and the other I gave to mum. Allergy to base metals has helped my journey to minimise my collection. I still have a few earrings but cannot wear them. As my daughters become older and more responsible I am passing the real pieces on. The junk is long gone.

  4. I think I've got to the minimalist stage with my jewellery now. Just the four rings I wear all the time, my stud earring and my watch and then tucked in my little jewellery pot are a couple more gold necklaces and bracelets that I wear if we go somewhere special.

    I have a few bracelets that I pop on when I go out of the house but other than that nothing. All the beads, bangles and things 'I might wear' have long since gone.

    And the other week I posted off my broken bits of gold (chains/rings etc) to a gold merchant and managed to make over £117 for them, very happy with that result, it's going towards a weekend away for us next month.

    Much better to have happy memories than broken jewellery.

  5. Don't cringe/laugh but I keep mine in a pretty wire cutlery tray inside a drawer in my dressing table so when I open it I can see it all and choose quickly. It also stops all the tangles of necklaces which I had before. I think I have too much and am going to go through it soon - you have inspired me.

  6. You have some lovely things. I almost always wear the same necklace and bracelet. I have some gorgeous rings that are too small for me now. I haven't put on any weight, but since having children my fingers seem to be bigger, it's a mystery. But I'm holding on to them anyway! Not very minimalist I know, but they are unique pieces and I would hate to sell them. One day I will give them to someone.

  7. I used to have a lot of bright and breezy jewellery but have gradually culled it. Since my husband has bought me a couple of pairs of expensive earrings, I seem to wear only these for weeks at a time, so nearly all alternatives (except a nice pair of silver hoops) have gone. The only bracelet I seem to wear is a silver celtic bangle my husband had made for me 15 years ago, so the rest disappeared (I can't wear elasticated bead bracelets, though I like the look). And when it's hot I don't like wearing necklaces, so I only have a few that I wear hanging over my dressing table - in fact, some of those I have worn most are showing the wear so will go and I probably won't replace them except perhaps some cheap pearls; again, I have "real" jewellery I wear more (though I want to point my husband away from gold as I get more and more grey!!). I do have a small box with some older bits and pieces I'm just sentimental about, though I never wear them any more.

  8. A few years ago my jewellery was quite limited and then I started matching jewellery to outfits and it escalated. I was only looking at it recently and thinking I need to reduce it. You have inspired me to sort it now.
    Sarah x

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