52 Weeks of Happy (45/52)

Hello. It's been a busy week - happy/creative busy and not routinely busy, thankfully. 

This week I've really appreciated the gift of time - time to spend with loved ones and time to be creative. 

Here's my selection of four happy moments. 

♥ I took my Mum and Dad to visit to my brother in St. Albans. The weather was beautiful and the food was heavenly... cheesecake, fresh baked scones, rocky road... what to choose? As my Dad is disabled, getting my parents over to visit my brother and family is a rare treat for us all. Lovely chilled, catch-up family time. 
♥ At my brother's I discovered a new cookery book, Mary McCartney's Food, and was smitten by the photography and veggie recipes. So much so that I went home with several ideas to try out. 
♥ My oldest school friend and her partner came over for a meal this week. So nice to chat and linger over good food. We had these bruchettas followed by Mary McCartney's aubergine wraps and brownies with raspberries. Yummy.
♥ My bookcase is finished at last. It took several coats of eggshell paint to complete but I love the way everything looks fresh against the white background. 

Joining in with Jen's series over at Little Birdie

Hoping you're all enjoying the weekend wherever you are.

Be happy xo



  1. Oh I want a piece of that cheesecake now! That book looks great too. Lovely happy things Claire. And I'm liking your simple pleasures sidebar very much. X

  2. So glad you had a lovely week. It all looks very delicious! I shall look out for Mary McCartney's book as I'm a vegetarian.

  3. Looks like you had a great week, love the look of that cheese cake.

  4. Ooooo...cheesecake! Enjoy the bank holiday :-)

  5. Lovely photographs, your bookcase has really turned out well :-)

  6. Ahh precious family times. Thank you for your beautiful comment Claire. It touched me. I write less at the moment, but I'm pleased that our shared philosophies still bring us both great things. Given we share the love of Xavier Rudd too, I am certain to find more gems in your recommendations, thank you! x

  7. Glad you're making more special family memories. I love St.Albans, Mr Sft comes from there.

    A beautiful bookshelf and i love that tin.

    Sft x


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