52 Weeks of Happy (15/52)


Bleary-eyed we returned to work and school yesterday. However, those few extra days at home, post new year, were a luxury and easing into January feels OK this year - more like putting on a comfy old sweater than an over tight dress. I hope this ebullient mood continues and that I can put it to good use. We'll see.

Anyway my happy moments from the last week...

♥ Oh dear! I'm developing a cocktail habit. We had mojitos on New Year's Eve and again this weekend. I like nibbling the sugar-coated glass rim.
♥ My youngest son helping prepare a meal.
♥ Clearing away Christmas and declutttering the kitchen were marked with a rare purchase of flowers.
♥ Shhh... the kids don't know this but hubs and I swap Epiphany presents. It started accidentally one January when I found an unopened present under the bed and the tradition has stuck. It's interesting how special just one gift feels. Mr. Owl is keeping me company at my new desk.

I hope January is being kind to you. Thank you for all your comments and hello to my new readers and followers xo



  1. Hi there
    I like the idea of making a cocktail or 2 at home, seems like a lovely warm tropical thing to do in the bleak mid-Winter! As for the Epiphany pressies, we don't have to tell our kids all our secrets now do we! x Penelope

  2. If you lived closer I'd have you over for a drink - I fear I've been cocktailing a lot here too. Maybe we're just trying to keep warm?

    The owl is darling.

  3. Wow I love the owl! And cocktailing- I'm holding out until my birthday (tipsy baby isn't good!) and mojitos will be on the cards :) Lovely happy things here x

  4. I love the owl it will keep you company at work, have a lovely january full of the simple things in life that make us the most happy x

  5. It would be lovely to meet these like minded people and have a few cocktails to celebrate 2013.x

  6. Mmmm cocktails! Lovely when the bigger boys hit the kitchen. Sometimes one of mine will do the evening meal which is wonderful! Love your owl x

  7. Great happy things! A cocktail sounds pretty good to me. x

  8. You don't ned to apologise for a cocktail habit! In fact, it should be positively encouraged I reckon!

  9. That sounds like a great way to start the new year !

  10. We have developed something of a gin and tonic habit lately in our house. I love your flowers, tulips are my favourite.

    Gillian x

  11. I love Mr. Owl, what a nice company you have on your desk! /maria x


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