Stop Spending

The snow finally decided to shake its booty and settle here in the Midlands today. School opened then closed and those lucky enough to be working at home had to carry on...

My plans for getting out and about were frozen but, hey-ho, that gave me the benefit of 

a) more time

b) spending no money

If I had ventured out I would have spent money on parking, diy materials for a cheap craft project I'm planning and a few extra items of food for tonight's meal. I may well have bought more than I planned and the trip would probably have taken half an hour longer than I estimated – at least.

Instead I've had a more relaxed day, made a plan for tonight's meal - veg curry, rice and onion bhajis (after doing a stock take of our food supplies) and put my craft project on hold. 

I may be heading towards a simpler life but I still think I need to rethink my attitude to spending money. I thought I didn't have enough food for our evening meal but in fact I did. I've learnt today that I can live with less, do less and be happier for it. I need to stop myself before spending money more often – not just on snow days.

Some photos of my schlep through the snow...

it's a cold business this photography lark
time to head home

for homemade onion bhajis - nom nom

I hope you are all warm and well.
Happy Friday xo



  1. I think snow days do make you think resources better.
    I have started a tally of my no spend days, Seeing them add up is inspiring me to have evn more of them :)

  2. I'm with you on the food stock issue. I did just that over Christmas and didn't do a shop for over a week. It was eye opening how much I could make with just a little forward planning (taking food out of the freezer!) My daughter's boyfriend lives in Staffordshire..she travelled there this evening and said the snow is much worse than we have here. Your photos's are great...much better than my effort today! Have a great cosy weekend! Claire x

  3. Often, after a long day at work and collecting kiddie, I find I should go to the shop(not that far off, but still yet anoter half hour before getting started), to get something for the meal I had planned. But it always turns out I can make something out of what I've got. This last year I had little money, but I still feel we've had really good nutritious and healthy meals, possibly even better than a lot of the the times before then, and I wasn't that bad a cook then, always insisting on fresh veg and cooked from scratch. Yesterday I had planned for some mexican tortilla's, but only had the mince/tomato base. Needed tortilla's, and beans, but had no time to get them. Instead, we had it with rice, some added spices, extra tomato and grated cheese, and a nice green salad with carrot. A top meal we had the last of today. Would have not been able to think it up that way a year ago. Now the different possiblities just stare me in the face...
    Enjoy the learning curve of lots with less!

    Love, angeliek

  4. it's true staying at home is definitely cheaper, unless of course you buy something on the internet! sometimes these little purchases just find they way in whatever you do!! have a good weekend, Heather x

  5. I'm trying to really eliminate little trips out. Saves gas (good for wallet, environment), and saves time, plus I always end up buying at least one thing I didn't have on my list.

    The snow photos are so pretty - enjoy the beauty.

    Also, your onion bhajis look really delicious. I'd love the recipe if you're up for posting it.

    Happy weekending,

  6. Even though I am not wishing for any snow here I have to say I am a little jealous when I see your lovely photographs, seems like the perfect day and it all looks so relaxing and calm! /maria x

  7. Being more aware of how much I spend is a goal for me too this year - you are inspiring me! Next on the list is the wardrobe de-clutter - wish me luck! And your onion bhajis look superb. x


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