February 2013 Goals

This is my third month of goal setting. Setting goals for December and January helped to motivate me to inject some fun into these months and to give myself accountability for finishing projects and saving money. 

I deliberately kept January's list of goals short and I will do the same this month. My word/theme for the year is focus and I need to keep my lists short in order to (hopefully) achieve more.

In February my youngest son and I have birthdays six days apart and there is also Valentines Day and Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) to enjoy. As well as planning some fun I'm starting the month with renewed resolve to save money on an everyday basis. 

Righty ho here are my February goals:

1. Try a different cocktail on my birthday. This image above is my inspiration.

2. Spend less on groceries and keep a daily spending diary. Yes, this is a repeat from last month as I failed to write down my expenditure. I've analysed my current shopping habits and plan to keep costs down by buying less wine and snack food this month.

3. Cook at least once for friends or family. 

4. Finish decluttering our bedroom.

5. Buy a DSLR camera with my combined Christmas and birthday money. I've had lots of fun with my digital compact and it's been great to use for my first few months of blogging but I would love the challenge of improving my photography with a DSLR. Any advice on models/makes would be welcome.

6. Challenge myself to write something other than a blog post.

7. Celebrate Valentine's Day our way without buying anything that is being specifically marketed for this occasion.

What are your goals/hopes for February? Please share.



  1. good goals, I will try and list mine this month, for real! A new camera would be great. I'm not sure which kind but I'd interested in how you get on with that. Heather x

  2. It's great that you're creating monthly goals :)
    My main goal for February is to finish another key chapter for my thesis...
    I would also love to get a decent camera, but that will have to wait ;)
    Keep sharing your progress!

  3. February is Also my birthday... When is yours?
    I really like the idea o keeping monthly ovals. Every year I make some New Years resolutions, but I don't always keep them... Maybe because I forget them... Maybe I'll revise them and focus on one a month.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this list. I am going to join you on #6 and #7. Writing is the thing that I've dreamed of since I can remember, but don't do much of (fear). And I'm all about not getting sucked into the crazy consumerism that runs rampant with the holidays in the U.S. Ugh. Too much pointless STUFF!



  5. Wow! It’s nice to hear about your goals this month! I guess the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, is true. When you don’t set a goal for yourself, then what are you up to? I’m pretty sure living a life with a purpose is happier than life without one. So, I hope you will be able to reach your goals by the end of the month! Maybe, you can just buy a bottle of wine as a reward! :-)


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