Highlighting the Happy

Just an ordinary day but there were many highlights...  
  • reading the Saturday newspaper over morning coffee
  • baked beans on toast for lunch and no moaning
  • a quick trip into town to spend our sons' HMV vouchers with no desire to buy anything for ourselves other than a cup of tea and some rocky road cake
  • hearing The Smiths on my son's ipod
  • laughing
  • singing
  • relief that most of the snow has thawed in our road
  • the beauty of the snow still covering woodlands and fields as we drove home
  • receiving an invitation
  • looking forward to an evening out with friends

Just a little record of a simple day which I have enjoyed. 
Hope you're enjoying the weekend too.


  1. It sounds like a perfect simple day!
    Sarah x

  2. That sounds like my kind of Saturday! X

  3. sounds lovely, want to swap! Heather x

  4. Your day sounds lovely, very relaxed and lots of enjoying the moment. We also had a happy day yesterday. However, I spent this morning sitting in a Kwik Fit garage getting a punctured tyre fixed. Oh well.

    Gillian x

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. The snow has all disappeared here - thankfully. I'm ready for Spring!

  6. Loved reading this list.
    I love it when weekends feel "perfect."

  7. That sounds like a perfect day. The simplest weekends are so often the best aren't they?


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