Making Room - a new series

Does your house resemble a post Christmas apocalypse?

Are you ready to make your home lovely again? 

Need a psychological boost?

Are you ready to live a more minimalistic lifestyle?

Tried decluttering before but given up?

Fed up with always tidying up?

It's never too late to live a less congested life.

Follow my new series 

Making Room (decluttering room by room)

In this series you'll
  • Find motivation you've never had before
  • Be able to make your own rules
  • Work within set time limits and get fast results
  • Have fun rewarding yourself
  • Save money in the future as you discover you can live well with less
  • Enjoy organising your new space and living in it
  • Have an easier to maintain home as an end result

In the next few months I'll be focusing on tackling one room at a time in order to rein in the clutter that's built up since we downsized seven months ago.

Join me tomorrow with part one: Decluttering Your Kitchen.

And in the meantime here's two decluttering posts to get you in the mood.

Get Rid of the Big Stuff First

Give a Little



  1. Isn't it amazing how a clear space can make you feel so calm and in control.

  2. Hello! I found your blog a month or so ago and have been reading it almost daily since. So much of what you say makes sense to me and I love your photos. You've inspired me in two ways. I have started my own blog and have resolved to post daily in January. And I have started to declutter! During the lull between Christmas and New Year I filled five bags full of clothes and toys and took them to the Barnardo's shop. Feel so much better. Kitchen is next - pasta machine is lurking on top shelf.

    1. Hi Eleanor. Thanks for commenting and congratulations on your blog - I love outfit posts xo

  3. Excited for this - thanks!

  4. Your kitchen looks so wonderful and the idea of tackling one room at a time is very helpful. Looking forward to the series.

  5. Empty rooms are stark, unwelcoming and ugly. Lived in rooms have things and look friendly and inviting. Too many things = clutter but nothing = miserable, de-personalised and sad. Most people have some meaningful things that personalise their spaces and make them cosy and unique to them. I like that best. If I had to choose though, definitely clutter over empty.

    1. I agree with what you say about empty rooms and that some meaningful things add warmth and cosiness. I truly believe there is a way to live without clutter but in a warm, inviting and cosy environment. It's finding the balance that is tricky. I am working to make my home calm but with personality - I'm getting there slowly :}

  6. Ooh I look forward to following your journey from room to room! I too decided during the festive break that I would start doing more posts on particular issues around decluttering etc. So pleased to have made your blogger acquaintance, let's cheer each other on. :)

  7. I am all ears. My kitchen is also holding all my books at the moment, which sounds a bit strange, but I'm not sure where to put them! I will be following this, Heather x


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