52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

Week 17 of 52 Weeks of Happy and it has been a week of simple pleasures, kindness and thoughtfulness. Here goes... 

♥ Neighbourhood snow clearing. Also, my Mum and Dad have been touched by their neighbours offering to do a little shopping for them. Thank you.

♥ Snowy walks and the beauty of nature. I have taken so many photos it's embarrassing.

♥ The hug in a mug that is homemade hot chocolate with a dash of brandy. Delish. 

♥ Quiche Lorraine (more cream, oh dear). I finally made a dish from Rachel Koo's The Little Paris Kitchen. Somewhat improvised as I ran out of plain flour and so used a combi of gluten free flour and SR flour and also substituted double cream/crème fraiche with whipping cream. Other than that I did follow the recipe and it worked out well. Phew... happy relief.

Oh and thank you for all reading and leaving such kind comments recently.



  1. Snow is good on your side, I love your happy this week! Keep warm and enjoy a few more hot chocolates and extra cheese and cream dishes (we'll blame the cold weather for it, I do anyway)! /maria x

  2. Lovely happy things here. I love that people helped your mum and dad. so sweet. The community seems to come together to help out in the snow. lots of people were clearing the ice at the weekend on my road.

    oh and hot chocolate is just divine. mmm. perfect winter drink.

  3. Love your happies, we've enjoyed some snowy fun too and the hot choc looks gorgeous!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Jay and another lovely blog for me to read xo

  4. Hot chocolate is the perfect drink on a cold day.
    How good to have such helpful neighbours.

  5. I've been making Ollie real hot chocolate lately...might just have to try the brandy in it (for me, not him!) That Quiche looks lovely!x

  6. First two pictures show an interesting perception issue with the snow:
    * You can either view it as a break from the routine and making everything look different/pretty and welcome/enjoy it.
    * Or you can get all moody about it, complaining that 'they' haven't sorted out the roads/pavements/schools etc. that it is disrupting your normal routine, that food is running out etc.
    Enjoy the change!

  7. Ooooo - that second snowy photo is so cool. I love how the snow filled the branches like pods of cotton or something. Stay warm and cozy!

  8. Oh the hot chocolate looks yummy ... would love one just now ... Bee xx

  9. I love how much the snow is featuring in everyone's happies this week! I have that cook book and it's very good, everything I've cooked from there has worked well. Not tried the quiche Lorraine though, I will have to give that a go! :-)

    Gillian x

  10. Mmmm... That Quiche looks delicious!

  11. Lovely happies - it is great how everyone pulls together in snowy weather isn't it? Hot chocolate with brandy sounds amazing!

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