52 Weeks of Happy (16/52)

Brrr... a few things keeping me happy during our current cold snap.

♥ My first time at the new book club I've just joinedI was made to feel most welcome.
♥ Walks at dusk - being outside and catching the last of the light as it slips away.
♥ A light dusting of snow which didn't last long but was still pretty.
♥ I've decided January is not the month for dieting - bring on the carbs.

Hope you're nice and toasty this evening or enjoying the sun if you're lucky enough to be somewhere warm.

My giveaway closes tonight to anyone who's not yet entered. Good luck!



  1. that snack looks very tasty! I will have to go to the kitchen now! have a good week, Heather x

  2. Lovely happies Claire ... I could do with that lovely snack right now ... too too cold for dieting ... Bee xx

  3. Could I enter please? Certainly need help decluttering as my new year efforts have stalled a bit. Thought I had entered but not sure it worked so apologies if this is a repeat request.

  4. Diet!? Brrr. We must keep some extra padding for warmth this time of year!

    At least you're getting out and doing a little walking. That's more than I can say for myself.


  5. I agree, I can only think of cake and carbs when it's this cold!

    Gillian x

  6. Your book club looks fab! And I love your wintery pics. And dieting in January is insane! Healthy eating, maybe, depriving yourself, no way!


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