Just a Simple Sunday

Today was a simple Sunday - we didn't use the car, spend any money or have any schedule other than our own. There was a little bit of work to be done, some everyday domestic tasks to tackle and thank-you letters to write but as working parents that's par for the course.

My day started with a walk to explore the frosty landscape. The birds were chattering away but wouldn't oblige me with a photo.

The house felt cosy by mid-morning as sun filtered in and chicken casserole took shape in the kitchen.

As daylight slipped away hubs joined me for a late-afternoon walk. The wintry stillness matched a quiet but peaceful day. Just got to remember who sent what for the thank-you notes now... 


  1. it's nice to really appreciate Sunday as a simple day isn't it, your chicken casserole sounded nice too, Heather x

  2. What a lovely Sunday Claire. I went for a lovely walk too, and just did some tidying in the house :)

  3. That looks life a perfect way of spending a Sunday.
    Sarah x

  4. Sounds perfect and very relaxing.

  5. Simple Sundays are my favourite kind. Walks, cooking, eating, resting - perfect.

    Gillian x

  6. How lovely your Sunday must have been Claire! We had a lovely pottering day too (with a little bit of decluttering!) and a salad to finish before watching "The Hour" -recorded on Thursday while we were at the theatre. Have a wonderful week.

  7. I have been looking forward to making my Sundays simple this year... That is one of my biggest New Years resolutions. Hope I ca do it. Yours sounded perfect !


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