52 Weeks of Happy (24/52)


A big thank you for reading and following this week and for your very kind words.  It has certainly been the hardest week to date since starting Jen's 52 Weeks of Happy. I am so glad of this project for keeping me focused on the small happy moments - it has helped me get through a difficult week. Here are my happy moments.

I baked scones (the easiest thing in the whole world to bake) for my Mum and Dad for Mother's Day. Taking a cream tea around to their house was a lovely shared moment. And the tulips I bought my Mum were the palest prettiest pink and haven't drooped at all.

White roses from hubs for Mother's Day. So thoughtful and a week later they are still blooming. They are looking a little vintage now with their aged petals but they are still smelling sweet. I love roses even when they start to age. 

Absence - our fourteen year old went on a school history trip to Belgium to learn more about World War 2. A very grumpy teenager returned – I think he had a good time. So good to have him home... and his washing and muddy footwear.

Spring – just loving the longer lighter days even if the daffodils are looking a little forlorn. I met two friends on Friday afternoon at a favourite café for cake, a bottle of rosé and lots of chat. If you're going to be naughty just go for it, I say. And rosé means spring/summer doesn't it? 

How's your week been? Be happy. 
Claire xo



  1. Rose definitely means summer! I think I only drink it when it's hot, preferably in the garden.

    Lovely photo of the scones.

    Gillian x

  2. Those scones look yum. Like your hightops too - I'm after a boring blue pair for this summer!


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