March Goals Update

As we approach the end of March it's time for an update on this month's goals. It's the first month, since I've started setting mini-goals, where I feel I've been over ambitious. No worries, I'll make my goals list a little shorter next month and carry some goals forward. Here's my limited progress.

1. Post about bedroom decluttering on my 'Making Room' series. Not achieved but I'm still keen to do this.

2. Plan a simple garden makeover. The main thing will be to get rid of the small lawn and be lawn free – no more mowing for us. No definite plans as yet. As you can see from the photo our garden is fairly minimalistic already – it just needs an alternative to the lawn. Any ideas?
3. Ebay/sell some items to fund garden makeover. No I haven't sold anything but I am collecting items together. However, I worked some extra hours and this will be put into the garden makeover fund.
4. Have a digital declutter – my phone/laptop/camera all need a good edit. No too busy blogging, say no more.
5. Spend less than last month on groceries. I need to continue to use my spending diary and spend more time menu planning simple meals. Achieved. I have recorded most of my spending this month and the kitchen cupboards aren't as full. This is a clear sign that I've been buying less. 
6. Plan our son's 18th birthday in April. Achieved. Plans coming along nicely – should be good.
7. Select items for next attempt at project 333 towards the end of the month. With the temperatures so low I haven't felt inclined to contemplate a spring/summer wardrobe. However, I'm planning to pack my lightest holiday wardrobe to date for our Easter break.
8. Hubs has requested a low-key birthday but with a 'show-stopper' cake. Is he winding me up? Achieved. I have broken my usual habit of overbuying and have only bought him things he has asked for/needs. And the cake is very low-key. 

As I said at the beginning of the month I find setting mini-goals month by month helps to motivate me and there's no shame in not achieving them all.

Apart from these goals I have had some success in other areas. We have done the 5:2 fast diet for one or two days each week this month. A few pounds have been lost and we have found it has given us the discipline to conquer other bad eating habits. And for Lent I have given up Diet Coke which is quite an achievement for me.

So, how's your March been so far? Please share.



  1. When taking my son to play group this morning, I noticed a house with artificial grass laid on their front garden and it looked very realistic! The company was called ecograss.

  2. so positive you so inspire me, I am going to a wedding in 3 weeks and I am so tempted to buy new but my budget doesnt extend to it , any suggestions ?

    1. Thank you so much.
      Suggestions for the wedding: search ebay/charity shops; have your hair done on the day to make yourself feel special; buy one new item to update/co-ordinate existing clothes; go through your wardrobe and investigate new combinations; if you do buy new, buy something you absolutely love and that is versatile enough to be worn over and over again. Hope you find a simple solution xo

  3. Your Diet Coke abstinence is very impressive!

  4. love your posts claire,your garden is so cute ,and it looks easy to maintain ,i would be tempted to keep the grassx

  5. I'd go for a wildflower meadow. Just because I love meadows.
    There are seed mixes available.
    I think, even meadows need a little work - some need mowing once or twice a year - but maybe you could even pay some farm worker do that, if you don't want to (it's great exercise, too), and I think your wooden deck would look just wonderful surrounded by poppies, daisies and chicory.

  6. How about raked gravel with a few statement pots,or a bed of low growing herbs, creeping thyme covers fast, looks good and smells wonderful. There are low growing sedges and heathers, every option needs a little attention, even concrete has to be swept and washed at times. Good luck with the weather, i am still waiting for my bog to dry out before I start.

  7. I have just resolved to sort out the rest of our garden, prompted by the wind nearly blowing our fence down! X

  8. Love your list. We got rid of our last bit of lawn over a year ago and have been very happy with the decision. Where I live it doesn't rain during the summer so we put in mostly drought-tolerant plants that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds (lavenders and salvias). Though we couldn't resist adding a few roses. I also sneak in herbs here and there (basil, thyme, oregano). Though the garden is still evolving, the overall effect is quite pretty and all the plants use less water than the boring lawn! So I'm giving your decision two thumbs up!


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