At the Weekend


had a chippy tea

cleaned the house
gathered twigs for an Easter tree
read the papers
ate tiffin cake in a favourite café
heard an interesting radio interview with Sinéad O'Connor 
emptied an overflowing ironing basket
went for a walk 
sipped Irish coffees
rediscovered The Waterboys
made plans for our upcoming holiday
enjoyed reading 
listened to our eldest's guitar playing
felt happy without any schedule 
had a glass or two of red in the evening

ahh... we don't get many weekends like this.


  1. Weekends like that, make working hard during the week worthwhile don't you think?

  2. Nice weekend. I have a budding guitarist in my house too.

  3. Sunday usually involves ironing doesn't it? Xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Claire with a good mix of activity and leisure. Your very own entertainment too courtesy of your son!
    We spent Sunday afternoon listening to a jazz trio and a lovely young female vocalist who sounded like Diana Krall - live music is a great experience no matter the genre! Well perhaps not heavy metal or rap in my case :)

    1. Jazz is perfect for Sundays - live music is the best xo

  5. It sounds blissful. Those sort of pottering, meandering weekends are my favourite kind. x

  6. Waterboys! Now I will have to find them in my collection. Nice memories.


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