At the Weekend


schlepped through thick snow once more

scattered wildflower seeds in memory of my friend
immersed ourselves in Hamlet (great acting with unexpected humour)
lit candles in new lanterns
sang Happy Birthday
ate Battenberg cake
enjoyed a Nigella midnight fridge raid of leftover curry
played with my in-laws' gorgeous cat
watched snowflakes fall for most of today
listened to Dark Side of the Moon

high drama, not least from the weather...

Thank you for reading, commenting and following this week.


  1. Well that sounds like an interesting and varied weekend! Dramatic weather here too, loads and loads of snow. Will it ever end??

    Gillian x

  2. That first photo had me clapping wildly ... I loved it! (Am sorry you got snow on the Doffs, but such a cute photo) We have had our fair share of snow here in New England too ...more predicted for tomorrow. Newest blog post revolves around dogs demanding sweaters because of this never ending Brr in our parts ... as you will see it got a bit silly.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend. I cannot believe all the snow you guys are getting there!

  4. I love the cake pic with the little candles! Here its is very cold but snow? No!

  5. Love the cake, the card and the cat - also the meerkats! Would be interested to hear more about the production of Hamlet at RSC.
    Such a lovely act of remembrance for your friend.
    I'm listening to "The Great Gig in the Sky" as I write this.

  6. what an absolutely gorgeous puss - she is beautiful!

    Nikki x


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