Nature in the Home

Hello all.

I've always loved gyp (gypsophila) - a cottage garden plant with masses of tiny pom-pom like white flowers. In a beautiful wedding bouquet or in the simplest of vases it adds an air of romance. 

Sooo pretty (and cheap) it lasts and lasts... the perfect match for our vintage glass bottles.

Very happy to be joining in with Lou from little green shed and her Nature in the Home series.

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  1. I really like this - very simple and elegant at the same time.

  2. Ooh, you've inspired me! I picked up a trio of old glass milk bottles the other day and have been wondering what to put in them. Gyp would perfect, yours look lovely! This is a great little series isn't it?

  3. So beautiful, really like the look with the vintage glass. I grow gypsophila, so I shall be cutting more this year - thank you!

  4. Gorgeous! They look so pretty in the vintage bottles. x

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  6. I absolutely love this! I often take apart a bunch of flowers then put them in a group of three or four mason jars - somehow it's more effective than just putting them in one vase. This display really shows off your lovely vintage glass collection. x

  7. This is beautiful Claire. I love the bottles.

    Here we call that flower "baby's breath" - do you guys use that term too? I used to have a pink variety growing in my front garden. It grew like crazy so one year I pulled some of it out because it was starting to block our sidewalk. Something happened and it never came back - I was so sad.

    1. Hi Jenny, no this is not a name I've heard before. Rather cute isn't it?

  8. There is a romance to this. What a charming image and display. Found you via Little Green Shed

  9. Love the look of same flowers, different bottles, works so well. katie x

  10. Lovely arrangement. (I like getting a glimpse of what's on your bookshelf as well!)

  11. Lovely photo! You should post more pictures of your decor, I really love your style!



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